Your favorite XGen game

Hey everyone!

This Topic is for you to post your favorite XGen game. (Does not have to be flash)
• How did this game bring you closer to XGenstudios?
•When did you first play it?
•What you enjoy most about it.

I’ll begin.

Out of all the amazing games XGenstudios has to offer, BoxHead-Bounty Hunter has to be my favorite. Even though I first played Stick Arena in 2007, Boxhead really stuck to me. I first played Boxhead in 2009 at a Public Library. I was 11 at the time. I saw a couple of kids gathered around this one kid watching him play. He would brag about knowing the server where all the wanteds would gather(Squareville). As a child, you want to fit in with whats “cool” and so I did. I got up and copied the link on a piece of paper and then proceeded onto a computer. I typed it in and thats when the story begins. I played it every single day after school. I would rush down to the Library just so I can gain BP’s (Bounty-Points).
I made a lot of new friends, joined Clans, participated in Clan wars & all of that good stuff. The gameplay on it is amazing. The 2-D graphics are stunning and the character customization feature is outstanding. I became really close with a couple people that even to this day we still speak. Who would think I would become great friends with people over a flash game.


I was playing flash games at the time, I cant really remember the site, but I decided to look up stick games and came across “Stick Arena” before it was updated to Ballistick sometime in 2008 and stuck with me even 9 years later. I had a blast, and still am!

This game let me play with friends I had over the years and made it very enjoyable to play.

Shout out to the friends I had over the years!
miami54 (miami)
diffname.resurrected (protector11)
reddy100 (ljarn)
bulbasuar (Voided)
and several more to name.


Awesome thread Kendry! I’ve been around since 2008. I was hired as an artist for summer internship between my 3rd and 4th year at art school and after graduating, they hired me on full time so I’ve been working here ever since. I guess that’s 9 years now?? So cool to hear that you guys have been around just as long, or longer. It’s amazing to think XGen as a company has been doing this for 16 years now! SHOUT OUT TO THE XGEN TEAM for putting up with my grumpiness before I’ve had my morning coffee.

Edit: Oh! I forgot to pick my favourite game… but that’s like picking a favourite child. I’ll just say: the one that’s selling the best right now. (cop out)


The only XGen game I really play is Stick Arena. Every now and then I’ll slide over to Defend You Castle or Pillage the Village, and sometimes Boxhead, just to check in.

My friend showed me Stick Arena, who happens to be my neighbor, I think around late 2009/early 2010 and I’ve been playing ever since. I started to moderate Stick Arena December 2013, resigned mid-2015 I think, then remodded again the beginning of 2016.

Over the years I’ve seen a bunch of people come and a bunch of people go. Ones you hate to see go, then ones you couldn’t wait till they left. You see a lot of different personalities. We’ve all built friendships with a lot of people, and I know some people connect with each other on Facebook and other social media outlets, people get on Tinychat with one another so they can actually talk and see one another, as well as Skype and calling and messaging one another. I saw quite a few people returning to XGen earlier this year to stop by and check in on things, but sadly they weren’t around very long. XGen is nostalgic to many. Many of the kids back then are grown adults now, maybe even married with kids.

I spent way too much time typing all this out on my phone, and now I must return to work lol


Stick Arena and Boxhead were where I mainly frequented, though every now and then, I’d play Stick RPG (1&2).

I first discovered Stick Arena back in '07 with a few friends from a YouTube community, back when it was more community based. We’d get on every now and then to play matches with each other, but wasn’t a game that initially stuck. Around late 2009, I rediscovered the game after ironically coming across a random video about a hack pack for the game, ended up creating a new account to play for nostalgia purposes (YouTube was no longer community based) and I’ve been around ever since. I don’t know what it was about Stick Arena that made it so appealing, but I was hooked for the longest time and was committed enough to even become a member of the forums and years later, become a moderator. Though I’m no longer active in both my position nor in game, Stick Arena will always have that special place in my heart and I will always cherish the friends and memories I made along the way.

Boxhead was another one of my favorites. Though I never really got good at the game and lost almost every match I played, it was different and I definitely liked the pace and strategy behind it. Not to mention the eccentric community that came with it, to say the least. Wish I could of kept up with the pros before I departed, but was a fun game overall and definitely enjoyed my time with it.


Definitely Motherload. I found it through back in 2004 and wanted to start saving my progress, so I created a forum account since back then that was your Motherload account. I bought Goldium when it came out and still have my hard copy. I’m probably only a few hours of gameplay away from hitting a top-100 score at this point.

I was working on updating the Goldium megathread when the forums were brought down. If this new format supports stuff like guides or megathreads, I’ll probably put it back up.


Stick Arena will forever be the place that I’ll always call home when it comes to XGen games. I actually discovered it in elementary school with a friend of mine while we were in the computer lab after school (back when Sticktopia was the party server) and since then I’ve been able to enjoy the game as it’s evolved. Although lots of things have changed I’m really glad about the experience it’s provided me.


Ultimately, my favorite first game I’ve ever played on XGenstudios would be Dino Run. I could never stop playing that game, gotta love addictions.

Secondly Stick Arena, I’ve made a lot of friends playing this game over the span of almost 7 years. Still playing and making new friends til this day.

I used to play Stick arena and Stickrpg a whole lot! later on i played territory war, dino run and boxhead. I have played almost every game xgen has :smile:


Hands down, Stick Arena is the best Xgen game.

Boxhead is my favorite game because of its mature community, who are always easy-going and fun to play with


Tl;dr As many others have said, Stick Arena is ultimately my favorite XGen game.


A friend of mine showed me stickarena in 06-07; back when there were hackers everywhere, very few mods (hardly ever saw them), only a couple servers, some guy named stuart.hart in the tutorial, and only one spinner! I was in middle school at the time and i couldn’t wait to come home and interact with all sorts of people; pros, noobs, roleplayers, and a lot of nice people: Mostly kids. There were clan members recruiting people all the time. Back then, people had accounts named after their clan, it was mandatory if you were in that particular clan. I was never really one to commit myself to a clan. I enjoyed representing myself, and not a clan.

I also tried hacking like everyone else and it was a lot of fun. This was very early on though. I would name change my name to ‘Dude’ everytime I logged on.

Man this game has so many memories for me and so many nostalgic qualities. I just absolutley love some of the levels and the style of art. XGen HQ being such a perfect level to me; I remember early on that the thing to do was hammer camp in the bathroom, and i mean everyone did it! The amount of noobs on the game far out weighed the amount of pros at the time, unlike today. Eventually I learned to wall glitch by the hammer and really surpise those noobs! Again, this is pre-ballistic, so the server wouldnt kick you out if you wallglitched.

Eventually i got serious and became really good late 07-09 and would always be playing in flatword and 2d against the pros. I became friends with many pros and noobs alike. I still am personal friends to this day with someone i consider a legend. It’s amazing that this game created so many friendships for people. I stopped around 2010 and recently came back for some fun from time to time. :blush:

I could go on and on about this game that I’m strongly attached to. I think one reason stick arena did particularly well because it was during the infancy of online multiplayers. There were no smartphones like today. I didnt even have my ps3 yet. These days, the gaming market has become very saturated.

Stick arena was also a great social hub, but unfortunately, many other social platforms have replaced that aspect of it as well.

I truely hope XGen can/will create another multi-player game that has a comparable amount of success to it that Stickarena and boxhead had. The team is certainly creative and talented enough to do so.

And again, big thanks to XGen for creating your fun games. Motherload, SRPG, and defend your castle are awesome games too.



The boxhead community is full of boxtards and i love it


Boxhead since the community is always positive and helpful towards others, which makes the game fun to play.

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Stick Arena is definitely the most fun but unfortunately there’s a lot of negativity surrounding the game and community. It’s sad to see but hopefully improves in the near future… Maybe a friendly community will attract more players.

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My favorite XGen game would have to be Stick Arena. There is no other game i really would play most of the time other than Stick Arena. I would go into other games like Territory War Online and sometimes i would play Dino Run, but for the most part i’ve spent my hours on Stick arena.

Defenitely Stick Arena.


I played the originals the most. StickRPG was the first I found in 2002/3 on addictinggames and it brought me to the site. Ended up playing DYC, and Fishy. Destroying the ecosystem was always fun. When Xgen started releasing newer games such as StickArena I had already moved on with my life but would pop into the forum every once in a while to keep up with people.

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Without a doubt, Boxhead Bounty Hunter. I believe this has to be the XGen game that requires the most skill and time to master, which pays of well when you’re destroying everyone in game. The movesets evolved and now the game is played how it wasn’t even intended to, who knew double-switching would become a thing?

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this thread:

boxheads: boxhead is the box

sticks: stick win every time

I’m a box but the game isn’t even working right now so Ill have to go with motherload, which I used to play when I was like 7 or 8 years old and haven’t played since, so the nostalgia is real. I found it on miniclip or some other similar site, I think?