Xgen teamspeak or discord

I think it would be Better off XGEN has these types of things it’s just so much fun. You chat with people in SA OR BBH Etc , although everyone in this game hates to talk . I think it’s a really good idea , say q mod of BBH is playing another game and you have no way to talk to him

If you don’t know what Tramspeak Is :
TeamSpeak is proprietary voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) software for audio communication between users on a chat channel, much like a telephone conference call. Users typically use headphones with a microphone.

Or Discord : there are a bunch of videos and tutorials on YouTube

I doubt this will be token into consideration . But it’s worth a try!


All, if not most, of the SA mods have easy contact with the players. I myself have a Skype and Discord that I use to talk to players in the community.


I don’t think you understand, Skype is not something most people would give away. Anyways BBH discord would be better because you can see if a mod is online. It would be just better , and more easy to contact mods and calb with players and get to know each other

You can see who’s online on Skype too, unless they put it in invisible. They’re pretty similar, but Discord may have the jump on Skype.

And isn’t there a search bar on Skype, to find users?

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You still don’t understand , discord is a app , and website great quality and Free , discord allows you to collaborate with players . Skype is NOT a good to share with players , Me personally I have been ddosed giving away my Skype in public , there’s this program that some people have that gives you there IP. Totally not safe , some people can’t afford a vpn so it will be a nightmare for them . Discord is completely Safe .

I can give 100 facts why discord is more safer then skype

I’m aware people can grab IPs from Skype. There was a site, and I believe still is one, that you can type in a username and it grabs their last used IP.

I’m also not arguing with you about the two. I had Skype way before Discord, it’s just not everyone on my Skype uses Discord, so I have both.

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I’m guessing you don’t know what it feels like when somewone finds your IP , this can mess up somewoene so bad like I mean bad

Even if you change it it doesn’t matter , if you ever use skype with your new ip they will get it and keep on messing you over

Anyways here is a current working one that works . I tested it on my friend and it work perfecto

[screenshot removed by a moderator]

This is the biggest reason why I or nor do much people use it. Telegram is better and way more safe.

BBH does in fact have a discord. https://discord.gg/VSKAQN

If you’re talking about a DDoS attack, I know. I’ve had my share. I’m well aware how it all works.

I removed the screenshot because it might be giving someone an idea we don’t want. I don’t want anyone getting XGen in trouble if something were to happen.

The Discord I mentioned earlier for SA is just one a member made; not everyone is there.

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Please do not make false Statements , that is not made BY Xgen it’s made by a toxic BBH member that can ban people off discord for fun

Just like the SA one I’ve been speaking of, a member made it. I highly doubt XGen will make one.