XGen Studios Hall of Fame (User-Submitted)

(Shane) #1

Hello Everyone,

The purpose behind the creation of this Hall of Fame is to preserve the memories of individuals (current or previous) to whom play XGen Studios Games throughout the years.

This is a User-Submitted Hall of Fame. You can add ANYONE to this Hall of Fame, regardless of reputation – this encompasses every player (Yourself, Friends, Moderators, or XGen Staff).

Together as a Community – across all games (Stick Arena, Boxhead Bounty Hunter, Territory War, etc.), lets preserve the legacy of the people to whom you believe had an impact on XGen Studios Games.

Please submit your Hall of Fame choices below.

Example: ‘Username’ – (State the individual’s: game, characteristics and attributes, contributions, clans, play-style, etc. [comment about anything that you feel makes this person an asset to XGen Games])

**You can double-mention about an individual
(IF you see them on the list already – feel free to comment about them again)

**You can include multiple individuals in one post.
**You can make as many Hall of Fame submission posts as desired.

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I’m not a hardcore gamer, others may have a more complete picture for the people below. A couple nominations that quickly came to mind in no particular order.

Rawrx3Katie - Katie seemed to know so many people, very active on the forums, super friendly and welcoming. Only saw her playing briefly a couple matches on SA so I can’t really comment on her playing, her game play is not why I’m nominating her. Her connection to other players and easy going style socially made the community feel a sense of togetherness and belonging.

untilmorning - Until is a skilled player, unbelievably deadly, he seems to prefer the sledge/Pit map, formidable with other maps and weapons. He tolerates less skilled, experienced, and tactical players giving them a chance to really improve their game if they can stomach the stats hit :wink: . I learned a lot from facing him. I don’t see him around much unless he’s using another account.

(Lizbona) #6

Kami - One of the best players in the Europe scene. When he came in 2013 he also introduced the Aim 1v1 situations, where he excelled at. However, he was also very good in normal 1v1/2v2’s, having made one of the most successful clans PSN with O3 and a few other players. He also had no problems playing in foreign servers. His personality may have not been the best, but he could surely back his words when you faced him in the game.

O3 - Another good Europe player. He could adapt to almost any game style, also beating some of the best Americans in their own server. Me and him used to play a lot back in 2013-2014, so we learned quite a bit from each-other. He inspired many players. I’ll never forget our clan wars together and the skype calls with others.

Nick - Also known as Megalodon. He’s one of the best euro bg and aim players I’ve ever seen. When he hit his prime some time ago, his antis were simply unstoppable. He also has no problems playing 2v2 in custom matches, having won a lot of hard matches. Simply the best all-around player.

Merk - Back when he joined our community, he was an unpolished diamond. Me and O3 started training him and made him into the beast he was and is today. He also is a good all-around player, but he prefers 1v1. He perfected the playstyle me and O3 taught him, and that is what makes him special.

There are other people I should mention in this, but I’ll do it another time.

(Swelly) #7

Boldur: Whether you respected him, liked him, or as is more likely, thought he was a no life ■■■■■■ who needed to lighten up there was a time in Stick Arena that would not have been what it was without Boldurs presence.

Ownageness: When I first started playing SA in 2007 there was one name that all the noobs revered as the best. Although his style of play would age poorly and he would be surpassed by many players there was a sizable amount of time where Ownage was an elite player.

Daveeeeee: David loved this game like a good parent is supposed to love their child. While at his best a lethal player Dave’s largest contribution to SA was through The Stick Bandits, a clan that survived across generations. In the first half of it’s life it was a revered clan with legitimate talent. In the latter half of it’s life it was a true community, filled with people who played the game it was supposed to be played. For fun. Also, Squirtle is a sweet account.


I vote for Donald Trump. He’s never played a game of Stick Arena but I’m sure if he did he would be the best, since he’s the best at anything he attempts. He also has the ego of a typical sa player.

@nonstopf coming in clutch with the Katie nomination. She wasn’t at all good at the game, but she was really cool in the community.


Boxhead…Champion (.,3p1c.,.k1ll,.) - First to get 2 wanted accs, and both got to about 100k
BoxheadNeo/Boxxlord/SpikeSpiegal - Players who revolutionized weapon swapping as the meta
Zachthewolf/Meat101/Amrase - Displayed pure dominance during the early years

(,.x.school3r.x.,) #15

Trask- Probably the most polarizing figure in the history of Stick Arena. You either liked him or you didn’t, lol. He also created Atris, which can be thought of as the predecessor to this list, and although it was unfinished, many of the players he listed on there deserve to be on this list as well.

Impulse- Almost universally considered the best player of the first generation (2005-2006). Also one of the very first mods.

Kai- Almost universally considered the best player of the Ballistick generation (2009-2010).

Ava- Almost universally considered the best player of the generation from 2011 until… not sure when exactly, but he was/is good at stick slaying, kk. :wink:

There are others I’d like to mention, and in time I may :slight_smile:

(Lexus.) #17

Henetys(Hmk)- There is no other man who finished over 35000 and got almost 650k (all legit) in almost 13 years on SA history. Addintionaly he will forever leader of legacy stats.
Mr.sweettea- one of most unique SA players. Maybe there are lots better players than sweettea, but no one is able to play like him.
Deathpre- Strongly one of best SA players especially in hammer maps. Former leaderboard leader for 5 years.
Kristine- One of most active and skilled woman at lest in Euro server.
Codfish- Most active player last 2 years who helped solve many problems in SA.
Eminence- Usually when old players came back to SA they just mentioned about past and nothings more. Your ideas and creatitity most probably save SA for now.
Schallmeister- person who is responsible fo whole game and he keep up although many troubles.

(o3always) #18

H1: He has to be in the hall of fame the best player I ever played against and with, his 2v2 skills was the best i ever seen great player.

Kami: he’s up there with the best i remember meeting him for the first time and he kept 5/5ing me he had the best aim and dodge in the game and i loved owning people with him in 2v2 my favourite partner i ever played with.

Liz: If it wasn’t for liz i don’t think i would of lasted in sa he’s the one who showed me euros existed. Me and liz trained a lot together and from being the worst in euro he became the best very smart player and has the best cornering for me very hard to rush against and what i love about liz is that he never had an ego like the rest of us loool very humble.

Edd: Hes the first pro player ive seen i really learned a lot from edd from seeing him play back in the day for me hes the best in every way he has it all like you all know great player…

Ava: Lmao never really played with him but one time i 1v1’d him in storage and he 5/5 sniped me so for that he has to be on my list plus a very respected player lmaooo.

Vein: vein was one of them players that i love to play with he has really good 2v2 skills very smart hes one of those players that inspired me and kami to become good i have to admit vein and h1 were the only team that taught me and kami a lesson in 2v2.

Red: Dude was trash asf when I first played him I thought he was never going to get good… he proved me wrong he became one of the best players in the game hes a great and funny person too and he really helps out in the community loved playing against him in clan wars.

(Shane) #19

Lexus – Without question, one of the nicest guys in the game. Good guy, always talking to players when they need it the most or when they are in need of help. Always there to play a game with you. These qualities are why Codfish and I chose you to be an Assistant Mod in the first place. Always be my favorite Polish player, I still remember listening to Polish EDM and telling you about it.

Apple512881 – Pretty much the only game this man plays is Stick Arena. Been my boy before I was a Mod. Chose him to be apart of the Mod team because I believed you could do it, even in my absence, you still found a way to continue on. Awesome graphics creator, Funny as hell, Cool azz person at the end of the day.

TwistedMetal – Apart of the OG troll squad when I first formed it. Been my boy for years, and still is while on steam and discord. Always there to provide a laugh or just straight up listen to you if you need to talk about something. Every game you play with him, no matter what it is, will always be hilarious.

Ash – Probably the best player in Stick Arena in my mind. Funny person on mic and in the chat. Still will never forget us grinding to Rank 8 back in January and we were top 2 on the leaderboard. Spent countless hours on mic with him and other just laughing at stuff that happened around us. I still remember all the words you taught me to sound hood. But trust me everyone this guy is greeeen, nah, he fwae.

Afroman32 – The original homie, the man who I spent countless hours/years in the Stick Arena lobby with when I use to troll. I had my Toad jokes and Afro always wanted to talk about hairlines. This man was funny as hell. Whenever you logged on, you could bet you were going to laugh when you saw him.

Air – One of the funniest guys to hang out with, still is. Most people dont like him cause he ‘trolls’ too hard, but you all have to realize that its just jokes. Good player in the game as well, could probably own most pros. Always can rely on him to show you a good time to hang out with people, if you ever needed one.

Oceanway – Spent hours with this man, back when Stick Arena use to be lit, just playing CTF and LMS for hoursss. Still remember the crew, with strike, gin, me, grovestreet, and some other people. But it was always a fun time with him.

Cookie Monster-- Led Sparta with him, great guy, went 61-0 war record until he had to leave and we had Gunz run it and it died. Amazing person to hang out with, first successful clan I ever ran with tons of people on the XAT chat for daysss back when SA was lit.

Daveee – Cant help to say this man’s name with a smile on my face. Perhaps one of the coolest people that I ever ran a clan with, HEXAGEN, “Touchin’ dem hearts” ~ Swelly. Never thought it would be as big as it would, considering it was just a chatbox on a website, lel. As well as the low activity on SA at the time, but we managed atleast 20-30-40 people everyday, Oldgens, Newgens, you name it, we had it. But on top of being an already established clan leader with Sticky bandits, he let me run Hexagen with him and Mag. and it turned out to be a powerhouse that no one wanted any part of. Killed anything that was in our way, we had everyone. Awesome time, would do it again anyday. Good luck in branch of the military that you joined.

I have more and I wrote this on the fly on my phone, will add later.

(Shane) #20

RandomChicken - Overall good, kind, and generous person. Always there when you need him just for a laugh or just to vent your frustrations to. Lover of chicken, and he sure does have alot of pics of them lel. He is a bit of a weirdo, But he is a randomchicken after all. But hes also a savage in BBH, great player, and just a cool competitve player. I am happy to call him my friend.

(Carlos) #21

Amrase - The best player on BHBH imo. Taught me everything with strafing and 180’s. Overall, Amrase was one of my best friends on BHBH. He was always a helpful, kind, and genuine person :slight_smile:


Flu - Founder or ECM one of the greatest clans to exist on stix. Was the best player in the game in his prime.

Dreamer - Best to play stick arena.

Kai - Best in his prime.

Magic - One of the best in his prime but always played when he was high out of boredom never had a stick ego