XGen Discord: 2-"Comedy" Central Nights

(Shane) #1

Hello Everyone!

With more funny people joining the XGen Discord and using the Voicechat, its time to announce Comedy Nights with yours truly as Host and RoastMaster.

Every Saturday evening between 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. EST ([other] category: #nsfw text channel and Comedy Roast Voice Chat – Bot: XGen Helper)

Come and bring your friends, listen and watch funny videos, and watch your friends be funny.
Remember to follow the invitation link to the XGen Discord! (XGen Discord: discord.gg/W9uPjx5)

Disclaimer: For Mature Audiences ONLY. Individuals who take things too seriously will be deafened and removed from VoiceChat. (There is a disclaimer before you enter the text channel)

**This event can happen concurrently with other events that are happening at the time.

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