XGen Community, Social Interaction: A Step in the Right Direction

(Shane) #1

Hello fellow :frog:s,

The purpose of this thread is to address the public interaction of players within the XGen Games. For the record, this is not a forceful post to change your social mentality, rather it’s a call to action for individuals to be able to change their behavior for the betterment of the community.

With the outcry of “toxicity” of negative behavior and the constructive movement towards more communication between developer and players, there must be common knowledge amongst the entire gaming community regarding social behavior and to distinguish between necessities versus wants.

For many of us, the primary aspect of how we all act are based on moral principles that require our own definition of social policy or institutions and how we apply them in particular circumstances during our communal interactions with one another. To avoid this sounding more like a professional lecture, here are the fundamentals of how I propose individuals should act within the lobbies of XGen Games which coincide with the desires of players and the aspects of professional social game behavior.

Short list of suggestions:

  1. Proactiveness - There should be an active approach on teaching and guiding individuals (regardless of seniority) on the rules and policies of XGen, and making individuals aware of “player made” in-game rules. Don’t kick individuals from games with no solid reason.
  2. Civility - This revolves around the aspects of “roasting” one another. Making others feel less of a human being is never a good thing. However, to come to a consensus on how to “roast” friends and people to whom know one another, please make sure that the other party agrees with your jokes and do not develop a “herd” mentality which means, do not PM or get other individuals to attack one person.
  3. Unwarranted Language - There should not be any real-talk of shutting down any XGen games or harming individuals in any way through virtual or physical means. This is not to sound authoritative, but rather to ensure history does not repeat itself. Leave the games to the individuals to whom want to play XGen games.
  4. Professionalism - The aspects of “playdays” and “tournaments” is what every player waits for the longest. The duration of each event should be an opportunity to show off the best skills, best lobby individuals, and overall making sure that everyone is having fun and not just those in the tournament itself. (If you lose or get banned, please do not rant in the lobby to ruin it for others)
  5. Impartiality - This relates back to equality and fair play usage within the game. Due to the stigma of dimensions for “pro” players, feel free to use Third-Party applications such has ones approved by XGen to reduce lag. However, do not alter said applications to gain an advantage over players, as well as, do not put a negative connotation on playing on Dimensions for reasons listed above.

With the plethora of individuals to whom play XGen Games and the longevity of each. It is easy to lose track of the initial reason why we all play XGen Games in the first place. With that being said, we have the opportunity to change this game for the better, and it starts with us. This is a progressive movement forward to make the games that we love playing last as long as possible. Don’t let your last memories of your favorite games be negative ones, rather make them the best ones you can have with each other!

Remember this is a call to action, I don’t believe that everyone will take the suggestions that I’ve stated in a serious temperament. But we have the power to change, if individuals do not want to change, please report toxicity to the moderators accordingly. This will work, if we all try!

(Shane) #10