Wish i had a cool spinner

Wish i had a cool spinner because i see alot of stickarena players have them and the spinners are cool but i have the normal ones :frowning: help me


There are several ways you can win a special spinner.

There is currently a map contest going on where the winners will win special spinners. You can also win special spinners by earning enough tournament points to redeem a spinner. Finish in the top 10 this competitive season to also win a spinner. Finally, I should mention that if you create your own spinner, there is a chance the mods could pick it for a prize for a contest or season, which makes you eligible to receive your spinner.

However, the easiest way to win a spinner is by participating in playdays. Currently, playdays are held every other Sunday, and there are always good spinners given away in these events. The next playday is this Sunday (May 26th) at 4:30 PM EST. We hope to see you there!