Why do you think Stick Arena has a smaller playerbase now?


I’m really curious to know what’s up or what the common viewpoint is on why stick arena basically died and is now dwindling. I have no opinion myself since I wasn’t around when the community died, but this topic could definitely help enlighten everyone further anyways if we talk about it, even if it’s almost completely objective.

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Well I remember in 2012 Skye made a thread about ‘‘Not updating their flash games (Stick arena)’’ and when Dimensions came out it was so laggy that it made people quit and others that didn’t like the new stick arena then that’s how it started people started leaving little by little.

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Well tbh it’s a flash game, flash is dying and most people grew away from the game sadly…

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(Username: RogueTrader) in the Stick Arena lobby,

I remember back when TAC shut down and there was no way of bringing it back, Stick Arena was dead for like a week until someone brought it back. I think Krux kept funding TAC so people can have something to play on. Then after that stopped, I think Carlos did something. Personally, I didn’t care cause I never used a third-party program on SA.

Stick Arena is dead:

  • Flash is dead
  • No new people to replace the ones that left
  • People grew up (Once people hit a certain age, they just stop playing “I’m not playing Stick Arena in college, wtf”, which has been said in the lobby)
  • Stigma on Stick Arena (If their irl friends came over to chill, no one wanted their irl friends to know about it, aka “I don’t talk about SA irl”, several instances of this stated in the lobby)
  • Skye passed away (RIP my boy, never forgot the 1v1s we had in FW together when ballistick came out, I won gg 6-5 and 4-3, but still fam, I love you)
  • No updates to XGen’s flash games as previously mentioned in other posts
  • Player-held Tournaments slowly faded away, and are now not even a thing
  • Clans slowly faded away (Clans been dead), and are not even a thing
  • People DDOS the game (deter old players from returning, if they don’t know what’s going on, also its a waste of someone’s labpass money, and people give on returning to a website if it doesn’t work)
  • Better games to play on (PS4, Steam, Xbox, Wii, DS, PSP, etc. Take your pick)
  • SA Dimensions killed a lot of SA ballistick players coming back to play the game, even with TAC in place
  • Leaderboards became a joke when alting/jibitting became a thing
  • Mod corruption made players not return back to the game (We all know who the good mods are)
  • People realized that they got on SA to speak about other things that are non-SA related (So people got skypes, discords, tinychats, etc. to hit people up on and chill while leaving the SA lobby empty)
  • Players hating the “roasting” that was happening, and they left (toxic environment)
  • People just didn’t want to come back in general (thought of SA as a childhood game, only to return to it out of nostalgia, and then leave)
  • People not trusting the Devs of the game to properly run the game after Skye passed
  • Stick Arena Account Reset made a lot of people leave and if not crippled the game’s chances of returning back to its former “in its prime” state (Players getting angry over losing their ranks and gave up completely)
  • Players who take the game too seriously made other Players not want to be an “Nerd/Autistic” environment (I’m putting that in the nicest way possible, toads…) (toxic environment)
  • With the few players making “2v2 or 3v3” games and not staying in the lobby (if a new people comes on while those players are in a game, it makes the lobby aka the game look dead)
  • As Players got older, their time to be “competitive” slowly decreased, while becoming casual increased
  • XAT slowly stopped being a thing (SA/XAT had a good relationship, but as soon as the third-party chat movement strayed away from XAT, SA clans were on the decline)
  • Game became more laggy to players to whom who didn’t trust, nor wanted to play on a Third-Party System like TAC, FAC, HAC, Omega, etc.

*****There’s my list, I personally witnessed a lot of this first hand

I believe the following:

  • Once XGen starting to have advertisements on their Game, people started to distrust XGen because they were “selling out” to the normal “corporate” game.

  • Once Clans became “meh” (for a lack of a better word), SA was doomed from the get-go

  • Once Tourneys stopped being a thing, SA was now just dead for pro players

  • Once people starting making things to hang out with their SA friends on non-SA related platforms, SA was doomed

  • Once new players stopped coming on and the Reset happened, killed any chance of the game come back to life

I personally come on just to see what is happening with the game still and to get on TinyChat with the last remaining people that I use to chill within the lobby do non-SA related stuff. We’ll probably stop coming on SA after we all get each other’s Third-party communication-media.

But that’s just my take on that :smiley:


So, what’s wrong with a flash game? Have any of you heard of realm of the mad god which is a flash game?


Flash is obsolete and is said to be dead by 2020.


source please?

I fail to believe that.

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Ok, now I believe it, but that doesn’t mean any games have to go away. If stick arena truely deserved to live by then, it could be ported onto steam like rotmg. Guess that makes sense. It’s not why this game is low now though.

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Ugh just make the game mobile ffs this is just stupid yall complain about it devs just make it mobile the game wont be dead fix files up for mobile gaming add a way to move and tap dont have a delay delete unneeded textors it isnt hard i cant do it because i dont have the knowlege but it cant be that difficult there are so many apk/ios apps this bitching and crying ia just errirtating im done with forums


So I guess no one has an opinion on why they think the game is where it’s at other than Eminence. Ty

Also, I am pretty sure I debunked the “flash is obsolete” with my realm of the mad god link… which still has half of its players through a flash swf. Whether it is dying or not, it’s not DEAD nor OBSOLETE. Not yet anyways, and it wasn’t when this game took a dip in the player base. It shouldn’t have mattered as much as it did. Granted, it may have had an effect, yes, but there are still flash games to date that have somehow survived just fine through this. Maybe the fact this game wasn’t marketed or displayed correctly kept it from getting visited by new players and new players who didn’t want to stay.

Look maybe instead of blaming flash, it would make more sense to blame browser games. Someone give me the most noticeable difference between a JavaScript web game and flash web game please if that can’t be the case. JavaScript isn’t dead or dying right?

My point is; Flash is probably not the problem.

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My opinion which could sound dumb but still, if flash does end why not just move the game to steam same concept and stuff. Some good points would be more people tend to play steam games and that could possibly help increase the amount of people who play the game, and sometimes there can be events to get more attention for the game. But this is only my opinion just thought of this randomly and said it, now then i’m gonna peace for another month or two cause 10/10 internet.

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Lol I said the same thing, this game could be ported into steam as a free indie game.


Rey and I talked about this and I now understand what he meant. Apparently, according to everyone who’s an “oldgen” or whatever thinks that the game has been literally dying since dimensions came out. If that was the case, can someone explain to me why dimensions grew? The community is so negative when it comes to the subject of losing players, which definitely presents these ideas everywhere, but it doesn’t make it true, no matter how much of a bad spot the community has been in. I can’t believe that dimensions itself is the reason SA is dead. Too much of a stretch.

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I agree with you to some extent some players didn’t stay on game for this reason. Other side in the past many people played this game on other websites and didn’t visit xgen studios site at all. So part of them didn’t know about Dimensions at all (even Ford). They just played on Casterian Republic. This server was really very active, but since “pathology” attacked classic, it isn’t the same. It works very slow now. Im very sad about it, because many youngest players started to play there.

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Just deleted 36 posts just in this thread.

Keep the subject on topic. I’m not going to be lenient anymore.

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SA has a small community because its so toxic tournies people are always trash talking servers being hit off i honestly think xgen should just sell this game for $10,000 and let someone new start something some devs sold there games to fans and thoses fans actually made the game better maybe this is what needs to happen here

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Do you think somebody would buy the game for that much?

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Guy said 10,000 for a flash game I’m done


Selling the game could be a great idea. The only issue is that they’d likely have to sell boxhead too. The databases are tied. It would be a very awkward situation. Now, selling this game for 10k$ might be a stretch and I don’t think the game is worth selling at this point though. XGen might need this game for some sort of portfolio purpose anyways.