Who is your most memorial rival?

(dalton) #23

A long time ago, me and this guy named grexed always went at it! And I.can.kick.your.ass, we were close friends but we always had intense 1on1 battles.

(Daniel) #25

Sharpryno14, even though we were OG’s. Sad to see my hard work wiped when I logged in today. I always would log in from time to time to see if I saw anyone I used to play with on here. It was funny to see my old posts too, does anyone here know if they stored the old forum posts anywhere?

(angery) #26

So far nothing on if/when we’d get the old forum back as a read-only archive.

(Daniel) #27

Damn I guess it is what it is, am I right?

(Emir) #28

Kami o3 Nick and uyt. Especially o3 lmao

(o3always) #29

ive had alot of rivals from euros to americanos but my biggest rivals lizbona kami h1 nick
Shout out to guy we had alot of beef lmfaoo fun old times

(o3always) #30

Emir our aim matches were intense asf but you was the better aimer ngl


Yea Dan you right it is what is is broski, but it was alot of history in the original forum man.

On topic: I’d have to say Demon/The.Oni. That’s my guy but we competed like we weren’t homies at all.


My guy. We really battled it out lmao good times

(Shad0ws / Jon) #33

Probably Rapt0r. Every time I joined a public xgen match, he was in it. We would always play toe to toe for first-- plus our usernames matched, which I thought was funny.

Also, I remember when natas and H1 or kai absolutely hated eachother. Fun to see.

(Shad0ws / Jon) #34

Me and Moreno probably had a better rivalry, to be honest. I played him a lot more than I did Rapt0r.

(Juve) #35

Hmm, well lets bring some old peeps back since we everyone else bringing up new players. If we go throughout the eras, starting from 08, it would be Juan(CoronaDrinker) or Impulse of Hell. Later on during 09-11, probably TxLatinCholo, Trey(Noobinator) or Kill3r(Ava’s original name). 2012-13 year would probably be SuperMayne and Koolaid. And before i hung the straps in 14, would probably have to say R3dMouse.