Who is the best current SA player?

(o3always) #87

The best players i played with kami h1 emir nick (megalodon) lizbona vein crip. I had alot of fun and learnt so much from these guys and they’ll never know i learned alot from nick with aim & h1 taught me how to 2v2 i was very stubborn back then so since i don’t play H1 hands down is the best stickarena player i ever faced.
But these players aint far off.
And the best in the american division has to be edd have to admit this ■■■■■ was always good when i first met him 6 years ago legend…

(Matt) #89

Me. I am the best.


Ima go with @Ash right now.


Did you ever vs ava? You were considered many at the time to be what people consider him now.

Around my time, Focus(ownagenesss) was considered the dominant best, but the way things have changed idk if he could compete. I’ve only played a 2/3 with him but he played me extra conservative and we had so many ties.

(Matt) #93

I was joking lol I havent played for real in years. Back when I played a lot though I beat him. I’m sure he would beat me now.

(icykiller2) #94

Deathpre is the best player idek why this thread was necessary, I thought that was common knowledge

(Weary Of The World) #95

It’s a good thing the keyword isn’t current or anything.

(icykiller2) #96

Deathpre never dies :triumph::triumph::triumph:

(Weary Of The World) #97

Recall from memory the last time you even saw Deathpre online.


Damn, so who was better than you back then? I always thought .1. Was you… Then I heard it was multiple people on the account.

(Matt) #100

.1. Was originally owned by Demonz. Then I had it for a short time. Then just demonz again. Then Natas1 I believe. Demonz always had access at all times…


He ended up getting really nice…

(Weary Of The World) #102

How come I remember batista being on that more than anyone else though…?

(Matt) #104

Idk probably was. It was a very widely used account

I’m still the best though @Mousy

(Schall) #107


Abracadabra! Such sub-forum now exists!

(jøeL) #108

In my opinion I think the two best players on Stick Arena right now are Mousy and Ash. I just never put my opinion out there as much, but I see their skills everytime I play with them. Ash is a good all-round player, especially in 2v2’s and aim. Mousy’s takes those risks that many other players aren’t willing to take in 2v2’s and you can pretty much refer to him as a leader guiding you, and telling you where to make the plays needed. But there are many other players currently other there that I’m not listing that are doing well. But, these are two of my favorite players that don’t get as much appreciation.


I think we should create a new hall of fame thread to get you guys really working ha ha ha.

(XD,,,) #110

Best Duo: Air & I

End of Discussion period

Miss you bro

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Miss you bro, send me a private message & ill send you a invite to my discord @koso

(Sarah) #112

Why am I not on this list more than once?