Who is the best current SA player?

i am the best

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If you’re referring to me, I used screencast-o-matic because it didn’t require download. I used to play at the library because my PC is terrible for sa. That is probably the biggest reason I haven’t come back to play sa. I am now too lazy to go two blocks from my house to the library to play sa.

I can’t really choose, it would be too hard. But, to elaborate on previous posts, I sure rally up Cutie, Natas, Ava, Koolaid, and Lite as the best. They seem to be the most notable off the top of my head. Krux was also pretty impressive. Playing against him was a bit of a nail-biter, as was playing against no.aa, 3dd, etc,. But, my first five sure draw the line for skill in the game, no doubt.

Thanks for mentioning me! people forget about the good players.

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As much as I hate to say Lite was definitely a hard one to take down but the rest were okay except cutie she/he was something when he played seriously in 2v2s and krux cheated.

Yes, Cutie took the cake in 2v2s most of the time.
Never heard about Krux cheating. Care to elaborate?

I played with krux when he was a nobody around 2014 he was horrible at the game his aim was no where near good until he started 5/5ing everybody that’s when I told one of the moderators about it and they did suspect it but there was no proof until somebody caught him I don’t remember how but you can now hack while recording!

Well, it’s not too hard to spot out AA. I guess I’ll take your word for it partly.

No one forgot.

Ras is the best

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I don’t think nobodys the best they all good at something aiming/cornering/2v2/1v1/pit i’ll even name people

Raspy: good at rushing.

Covi12345: very good at sniping.

Jay: Good at dodging

Antonio: very nice 2v2 skill he doesn’t need good aim or corner to win.

Lite: another good aimer/dodger

Kills: doesn’t need the top players to win a 2v2.

Fright: This guy can do anything but mainly rushing/aiming

Ic3: good aim.

Ace2cool: can corner you to death.

My opinion is that nobody’s the best just we put more time into aiming or cornering OR pit. i have a longer list but this will do.

no.aa was koolaid by the way lmao

no exaggeration probably me

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Yeah, people just screwed around sometimes by saying it someone else, and I didn’t feel like guessing, so.

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At the moment current best of SA right now isnt super decidable, but I know Red Ant Air and Ras still play as of today. So Out of them would prob be the best, correct me if im wrong.

Mans still arguing about who the best player is lmao


Lmfao! I loved this comment.



I’ll bet my money on you tho (ezstuff)

I’d probably honestly say Ava, Cutie, and Lite were the best in their time & it sucked for me cause I never got to see Ava play or play against him. I’d personally consider myself to be one of the best (I said one of the best btw) and thats probably cocky and overrated but I never lacked confidence on SA… although a lot of people just remember me as someone with a lot of Lab Pass.