Who is the best current SA player?

Who would you consider to be the best player on stick arena? (besides me of course)

It depends on what does it mean for you “the best player” I let myself to write best players in various categories.
Best Pitter - Untilmorning.
Best Xgen player- Natas1.
Best Aim map player - Sin.
Best Urinal map player- Superbrawlpikachufan.
Most famous/one of best skilled Europe player- .H1.
Most active player 2017- Codfish800.
Most active player for this decade (current number one)- Hmk.
Best accounts collection right now - Dual
Most kills on all accounts- Ford…
Best dodge -Ava.
Best aim- Sin.
Best moderator(SA)- Schallmeister.
Honorabale members- Kills, Edd, B0gus( Huge activity for years), Mousy, Michal.


I think this topic might create controversy. The best players who really worked hard throughout the years imo are Uyt, Nick, h1, kami and o3. I really enjoyed playing with them especially 2v2’s.

I think me, as in username Capone holds the Grammy for being the best at Stick Arena right now.

its all personal opinion

you got best moderator right!

Where am i in that list???

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The only players playing right now consistently, would be the best of players. Right now ill just say sne is the best, but only cuz i dont play no more k? k

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Probably not me :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am from the 5th dimension therefor i am always the best SA player, at all times.

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Best pitter is shootunit…

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No doubt he is one of the best. I played with him in 2013 fews times nad never forget about his skills.
My mind was based of last 2 years and you can a difference opinion about it.
From my point of view: Untilmorning, Deathpre, Stickmantajay and Shootunit were hardest players to beat

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Here for the pit players :slight_smile:

Ava, Cutie, Koolaid, and Lite were the best in the 2013-2015 era. Ava is without a doubt the best sa player of all time, unless someone somehow surpassed him in the time I’ve stopped playing. I doubt it though. No idea how that guy was so good, his aim and dodge were on point.

I rank them:

1: Ava
2: Cutie
3 (tie): Lite/Kool. Lite was a better aimer, Kool was a smarter player.

Honorable mentions go to: Covi, Meteor, and momocow aka doom.

I see a lot of posts praising the eu guys like o3, kami, lizbona, etc. I don’t know if things have changed, but EU has been far behind NA a few years ago in terms of skill. Even the best EU clan Exterminate was impossible to war. I got a clan war against them with my old clan VTV. H1 only accepted because he had Ava help on an alt account. Me and Guy (Lopif) were beating them so H1 just postponed… forever…

If you wanna see some of my old 2v2 videos with the best players in the game at the time.

youtube. com/watch?v=bRBUoT6MeEc asgfgh/lite vs covi/doom

youtube. com/watch?v=kQiJn5Ib8tE asgfgh/kism aka kismalle vs drake/sky

youtube. com/watch?v=Q18ClJkPU8c asgfgh/tko vs lite/covi

youtube. com/watch?v=4wQgB-rS6T0 asgfgh/meteor vs dan aka thedaniel13/clever part 1 of 5

youtube. com/watch?v=-lqw7KFkt3w asgfgh/WiL vs galaxy aka try/guzzy

youtube. com/watch?v=v4yRHxUw6mg asgfgh/jay vs dan/doom PART 1

youtube. com/watch?v=v4yRHxUw6mg asgfgh/jay vs dan/doom PART 2

youtube. com/watch?v=H3uMtCZOwFY asgfgh/g1nny vs dan aka thedaniel13/ant

youtube. com/watch?v=6MfEHgckiZo asgfgh/1c3, vs ace2cool/charliethekilla

youtube . com/watch?v=UtPAfzk5_VI asgfgh/1c3, vs ace2cool/charliethekilla part 2

youtube. com/watch?v=m1SWibzFP2Q asgfgh vs Austick.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0F88xX3GvhQ asgfgh vs Ace2cool


I don’t like to sound this cocky but I won’t lie to myself… I certainly stand amongst some of the best, even with my slight inactiveness.

That moment when you got the wrong Ice lmao

It was too long ago, I don’t remember that well tbh.

Asg did you write that post in the library?


Hahaha. No :frowning:

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Lmaooo this boy using that screencast omatic

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