Where do you get your video game news?

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Glad you all seem to be settling in here…

Just out of curiosity, as the topic title says, where do you get your video game news? Any specific sites? Streamers? Old fashioned physical newspapers? You’re dad? Let me know!

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On reddit whenever the new algorithm pops up anything on the front page relating to video games. There was actually a post on there the other day about stick rpg.


Same as lewis, on reddit and some article pops up now and then on tweakers as well about game news.

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I usually just hear about games through word of mouth. For example: I had no idea what Destiny was until i tried it at my friend’s house; so then i bought it. Facebook is also good for video game news because a lot of my friends will post things about games.

I don’t really go digging for video game news unless it’s a game i’m looking forward to; i just havent been into video games like i used to be. But i remember when super smash brothers brawl was waiting to be released, i would check their website every single day for new character previews, stages, etc. I also used to kinda pay attention to the e3 thing .

I would say one excellent way that i come in contact with new indie games is through ps plus… every month they offer 2 free games and i always download them. ALWAYS.


Generally get news from a couple of friends, and when I binge search for games I might want.

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Cool! Thanks for the help so far. It’s interesting to hear that most of you don’t browse any video game specific news sites regularly.

Keep 'em coming!

I usually will watch some of my favorite gaming youtubers. Chris Smoove for NBA 2K, MrBossFTW for GTA, & GreenGoblinHD for call of duty.

Reddit as well