When Did You Discover/Start Playing Stick Arena?

WBW when it was on addicting games and was not even classic i don’t recall. I played a game on that long sewage map and i instantly fell in love for some reason. Shout out to Spencer from icarly. I think it was the desire to spawn in and kill more and that amazing glock sound :smiley: The community was massive and fun at the time so that was a huge draw. Plus who doesnt like the spinners in SA? lol :stuck_out_tongue:

20 day bump but this is important how confirmed is this? Whitey and ren died? Someone fill me in…

First day back on these forums in years, so much so I lost all account info for my last account. Started playing when ballistic came out

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Where you hear that? Renato taught me how to play this game lol.

I was playing territory war in 2009 and was challenged to a 1v1 on some strange game called “stick arena” by a guy named “penguin28” or something to that effect. I looked it up, started playing, and haven’t stopped since :slight_smile:


I was watching a friend play it back in 2011 (I was in 4th grade), and I decided to play it since it was one of the only games my craptop could handle at the time. I never did play with the friend who introduced it to me though lol.


I was watching a friend too… I was in 7th grade and went to the school library during my lunch period because I needed to finish a power point and there he was… Playing the game I was gonna be playing for 9 years, more or less… On and off… but anyways, I sat next to him and he told me to create an account and to meet him in paper thin city, so I did. Got addicted pretty quickly after that and I never really finished that power point. Ima have to say worth


Technecially a “Newgen” player but I’d say rougly 2009-2010

Remember when you got destroyed by kiro

Well whitey is confirmed dead but i cant list the source off the top of my head, ren is more like a rumor but there was some evidence that i heard awhile back about it. If i remember correctly it was some heart issue or something

If someone like Greg didn’t confirm it then it doesn’t count. I thought I heard he died, too, but I can’t really remember. Memory is fuzzy. That was really a cool guy in my eyes.

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I played back in the day when I was a kid, probably 2008? 2009? Played for a few years under an account named ‘note.u.suck’ and I actually still remember the login for it. I created a new profile yesterday actually and plan on sticking around as long as there’s still people to play with.



Asked my friend if he ever played any Stick Games, and dude said “No, I only know Stick Arena”… and I’m like what is that?

Here I am – now in 2018.


I started playing long before Dimensions and even Ballistic. I think it was around 2005 or 2006. But, then I took a long hiatus until about a week ago. I should have checked in a lot more often.

I actually found SA on a Flash, Java and Shockwave game directory called ArcadePod. That website is still around and Stick Arena still ranks 6th under Most Played. Yeah, that website is probably outdated.

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Whitey is NOT dead.

This was a rumor started 2-ish years ago by Mofire, who was a notorious troll dating back even to the time of the old SA. Trask had him on Facebook and he was trying to convince everyone on the old forums that Whitey is still alive, but for some reason everyone still believed Mofire. Then Whitey actually logged into SA, and a mod said it was the same IP he’s always used and the thread was closed. But since the old forums are no longer here, all that was deleted.

I started playing in 2007 off a site called Bubblebox.com . I created my first account “CommanderPython”. I still have the password for it. Then I joined my first clan (Blue Snake! :smiley: ) and the rest is history.


Started sticks in 09’.

mofire was still around 2 years ago? I thought he stopped coming on here like 8 years ago

He was around sporadically. He came on 2 years ago to promote the (false) death of Whitey420.

add that to the list of his bad qualities lol. racism and faking people’s deaths