What was your favorite username?

(Tazer) #23


(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #24

Sinister? Tyler1?

(Agent) #25

Agent,.,. and Agent :slight_smile:


Yo Flu if you ever see this email me or Im me on here bro. Ecm gang gang

On topic mine were: .Flu. , .1. , The.Oni, .,Oz,. , Kai.

(Emir) #27

Prodigy ofc GG. Also I always liked Blast as a name.

(Shad0ws / Jon) #28

Mine have been 1337, Grey, Doom, Kero, Aigh, Icyslayer, DoubleShadow.


I.can.kick.your.as5 was probably the best name. Dude behind it was a little…eh, but great name.

Ace2Cool was a great name. Sort of drew inspiration from it and made my pawngame mod account Joker2Cold for a bit after the rapper.

Liquidiamond was an epic name. (Gotta stop naming IOA’s)

Eminence (jk horrible name)
Staplegunner (ioa but damn thats a cool name)

So many good names. A lot of names were horrible, though. People were just obsessed with “originals” so any word out of the dictionary flew. (Not you, em, calm your sticks)

These were creative names to me that stood the test of time.

(mack) #30


best name ever

Unscramble the Pro
(Shad0ws / Jon) #31

Wiz was pretty cool too.

(Weary Of The World) #32

No kgb though?


lt4 was best.


That username, Valentinlopez14 used to be my favorite when I was 10, because I made my first account for Boxhead Bounty Hunter. Until Dec 2015, I made another account, IAmNobody. So IAmNobody is my favorite username now. Good times with my old BBH friends…

(Shane) #35

There’s a certain fish username that I loved,

This person…

had a high rank
Is an Oldgen
and is a good friend

That’s right, I’m talking about…

Fishy :smiley:

(Sarah) #36

“Weak” “Incubus” “ryanthemodsuks” “i.am.rank.10.banme” “gappaordezzyboo19” “instantlyrank9” “.,r3d.t1g3r.w00dz,.” “uglyrank10player.” “destroy” “master” “katniss” “bob91123”

Although the best I saw was “cackmeatsammich”

(Luke) #38

Definitely any of Kai’s aliases.

Kai / Gray / Gamma / Endica / 1337

(Hell's Dragon) #39



I always liked
“Ass” lol

Those were all neat names to me

(Shad0ws / Jon) #41

saw a guy named “.nightwing.” today

nerd respect

other fav names:

.,A,.N,.D,.R,.3,.S,. (if anyone even remembers him lmao)
3ln (old alt i made that stood for “3 letter name”)