What are you thankful for?

I am very thankful for God, my family, friends, Football, Basketball and SA. Today is a very special day to spend your time with your love ones. Thank you xGen for creating such a wonderful game. Stick Arena has brought great joy into my life with lots of fun-chilled players. I have very few players that still brings me back to play.

Mousy - I’ve only known Mousy for about 3 years, isn’t that much. But, One of few that I can talk to, be silly and don’t care the way I act. Hes a very upbringing guy that could help you with anything. Thanks for the Math help :joy:. Hes very talented, unique player with great commentating skills and 2v2 skills. I remember teasing Mousy with anything I could imagine, and he would get angry and move on. Hes a relaxed chilling dude to be with. Hes also brought this small Stick Arena community back into it’s place. When you need a friend, go to Mousy.

Ash - Oh goodness, also another guy that I could stay in Skype calls for hours talking about random ■■■■. But we go back to the days when it was really competitive between the two of us. I have so much memory of us fooling around, 1v1ing, 2v2ing, etc. It was really fun back to the days when I would DEMOLISH you, haha. Now, it’s just like we beat each other back and forth :joy:. Your probably the silliest dude out there, and can take jokes as a joke. #DAY1

Edd - 80% of the players in this community dislike you with a passion and I remember when wars were going on, Felicity was still running and every clan would request to war, and the answer was a straight up NO. It was fun when I played with you, we had random chats, we got together our clan Tournies. I remember when Felicity got dead, and you would be on the time I was sleeping, and you would send messages like “RAS WHERE ARE YOU”, Lol now we just have one whole discord chat with most of the active players. I know you don’t think of yourself the way other people think of you, but it’s just how competitive you are, and that’s why most of the people dislike you. #LiteCarriedYouInThoseTournaments

Schallmeister - I don’t really talk to Schall as much as those people i named, but at this moment, hes really the only mod that still cares about this game and moderates the lobby. Hes not very strict or tight. We had times as well, like 2v2ing when we beat Mousy/Sin, Mousy/Ash, etc… :joy:. He truly needs more respect than what most players are giving him right now. Just stick to the rules, and you won’t have any problems with him. Probably my favorite SA mod. He also has jokes as well … :rofl:

Sneezes - Warriors suck so bad :rofl:. I’ve only known Sne as much as Ive known Mousy for, and the times we all had were ones to remember. We would always have bets against each other, (yes he wins the majority of them) and I would lose most of the time. Some of the times, I wouldnt repay him :joy::tired_face:. But, hes very chill and fun to be around with. Warriors: 88 , Celtics:92 .

I’m thankful for everyone, if I did not mention your name, it’s probably because we don’t really talk much. BUT, Im about to go FEAST AND WATCH SOME FOOTBALL YEAAAAAA


Football as in eggball or soccer?

im thankful for michal tbh…
and schall cus hes my only friend thats a mod…

and my gf

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I stopped being competitive long time ago lol and lite did carry me indeed! but i also won with multiple people in tournaments before but a lot only remember Lite of course since he was very known.

I’m thankful for my family, gf, and friends. But don’t forget XGen community too!

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Hopefully international soccer. Football’s been lit if you’ve been watching the college games.

Nahhh, watch NFL!!!

The Gnats, Cowgirls, Racial Slurs, and Dislocated Sparkplugs aren’t really producing much watchable football these days though.

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Life, family, friends and freedom

Thankful for my working limbs.

Thankful for my health

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