We out boys

So the majority of you know who I am, I probably don’t even need a proper introduction since I’ve made such a impact in the community over the years. But if you don’t recognize me, they call me Air. I am known as ‘airaitior’ in game, some may know me as ‘Cabalist’, maybe some others as ‘Ranking’ etc etc…

Its time I left this game and XGen as a whole. The game is very stale with little to no support from developers, and that caused the community numbers to decline rapidly over the past 7 years. Its time to just let this game be a memory from my childhood/young adulthood and just move on altogether.

Recently, I’ve experienced a lot of bans/accusations, and I been banned numerous times with insignificant evidence. A lot of moderators on SA are all apart of the same friend group led by one individual, and because of that, the moderator team has far too much power to do what they want, when they want… It’s quite sad honestly how nobody wants to shine the light on the BS and pretend like nothing ever happens. Anyways, I’ve made my mistakes in the community and I own up to them 100%. (the ones that i ACTUALLY made) The game has a very small player base at the moment, and its very difficult to find a simple FFA game. Nobody really likes to 2v2 or CTF, or even 3v3’ing… I could get into details on why its like that, but ill save all that for a future post (if I ever make one). I do hope this game does a magical 180 turn around and somehow becomes active again, but the chances of that happening are very dire. I have had a lot of fun over the years with so many players and I unfortunately can’t fit everyone’s names on here, so ill just list a very select few who played a major role in my time on Sticks.

Info - I known you since we were kids, probably like 11-12 years old when we met and befriended each other. We still talk frequently and you’re basically the best friend I have made on this game. It’s been a blast bruh, thank you for all the fun ass aims and 1v1’s too, always good to have such a challenge.

Afroman32 - Idk where you are now, if you’ll ever come on this forum and read this, but i wanna say thank you for the laughs and talking about sports, and roasting eachother in 2DC until way past midnight. You had a lot of negative opinions formulated against you, but you’re a real ass dude at the end of the day and I respect you 100%.

Drake - Idk where we stand anymore but we became hella close over the years as well. You always been cool with me and I watched you grow as not only an artist, but as a person overall. I remember when you would play your beats back then on Skype/Xat, as a young producer. Now you’re out here working with big names in LA. Keep Going bruh. Thanks for the fun times on stick arena as well.

LC/Teddy Pain - We only met like a year ago at max, and we became friends with our mutual gaming interests. (Runescape) I had to include you in this because you been a good dude all throughout the time I’ve known you. We still keep in touch but you’re deserving of a mention on here.

Justdie17 - mannnnn bro we used to clash 24/7 in like 2015. I never took it too serious and it was mostly just in game banter, but we definitely had moments where we genuinely disliked eachother. Five years later, you’re one of the cool ass dudes in the community. We be on voice chat somewhat often, and its always a good time bro. Stay Real…

Last, but definitely not least…

Red/Mousy - Bro we’ve literally beefed since the day we met in like 2012… Its insane how long we had issues and never once tried settling our differences up until recently. You’re a good dude and im glad we turned a new leaf. Keep doing you bruh.

Thank yall if you made it this far, I barely ever check my forums account so if i dont reply or whatever, just know its nothing personal. Be easy everyone

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they tryna be craig


It’s been a pleasure witnessing the shenanigans we pulled and having a good time in general in sticks/vc/rs. Whenever I saw “what’s the move” in discord I already knew it was going to be a fun night. SA wouldn’t be the same or as fun without the controversy that you and Info brought just by logging in. Thanks for the fun aims and 2v2s, it helped me get better and eventually led to my greatest accomplishment in SA by 2-0ing Sne in the ASAP Masters Singles and then choking going 2-3.
Now let’s get to maxed in RS and harpwn some noobs :sunglasses:

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There have been people in the past who tried to “shine the light on the bs” by reporting these things to Xgenstudios and giving criticism. Xgenstudios is well aware of what you’re talking about. Xgenstudios’ reaction from those reports:

“I would like to reassure you though that please do not think we are that fooled by the community or its members. We just have to pick certain things to focus on due to limited resources from our very small team so it might seem like we are being fooled but we are not”.

That was from a couple of years ago. Reason for them to leave the situation like this is, quote: “Limited time and resources”. They won’t spend any more time into updates, bug-,glitch- or server fixing. They aren’t willing to take risk and invest that time/money into this game. Which explains why they won’t fix the problem you talk about either.


I’ll only remember Air as an infamous troll.


I’ll have the apache helicopter waiting.