We Need New bbh mods

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(I Dont Need To Be A Mod)

As we can see these days hackers are all over bbh making wanted games lame and people losing or quitting. I don’t enjoy watching people who play good lose to hackers and i never see mods anywhere there’s only one guy i see and that’s schall and yesterday blah. I think we need new and active mods to ban hackers and pay attention to games, this is why bbh dies theres no mods around just hackers in every game and i feel as if we should make new people that are active, loyal, dedicated and understanding people who will do what needs to be done.


can always bring back me ya know #gang #mawd2017 #lilpump #esketit

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@cole you still play bbh?


i quit playing xgen games awhile ago

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Why you want mods again lmfao? @cole


i wanted to go out on a ban raid and that will always be my mission

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Lmfao just a ban spree i ■■■■ with it tbh @Cole

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It’s not like this hasn’t been done at least 5 or 6 separate times or anything already.


i can’t seem to put the blue text like the old forums ):

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Old forum site was better.

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