Video Game Survey!

Hey! Discourse let’s us do some pretty cool surveys so I thought, to test them out, we’d collect some info about how you buy the games you play and where you play them!

What platforms/services have you used to purchase a downloadable game in the last year or so?

(Select all that are applicable)

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Steam
  • GOG
  • Humble Store
  • Mac App Store
  • App Store (iOS)
  • Google Play Store (Android)
  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 4 Pro
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo WiiU
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Other (tell us!)

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I’ve not downloaded any games (I’ve never been one to download stuff), but if I did it would be for the Nintendo Switch and Mac! I don’t have/use the others.


Darn, I had put Play Station 4 & App Store iOS. I forgot to also add Play Station 3 :man_facepalming:.

My “Other” is the Nintendo 3DS. I bought Pokemon Red and Blue when they released them for the virtual console. That may have been a bit over a year ago though.

My other would be the Ninendo 3DS and mainly use it for pokemon related games, My primary console is the playstations!

ps4 for the win. Then it goes mobile. lol

PlayStation 4 Pro, no contest.

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Cool! I’m curious about what you think about the PS4 Pro. Do you have a 4KTV? Have you noticed performance/loading improvements with the new hardware?

I have a 4K TV and I can notice a difference, but only from single player games. The main concern with a “Pro” version of anything is trying to get the developers to make improvements. Sadly there’s always the benefit =/= cost and currently most developers don’t want to spend resources towards something that will affect a minority of gamers. Most gamers don’t have a pro, and thus this creates pressure on Sony to reach out to developers in order to push for that support. The pro is simply a luxury and I bought it with that in mind. Also, its main purpose for me was to use VR. That is where the pro shines imo, absolutely crushing the benchmarks of the regular PS4 in terms of VR performance.


I have also purchased games for the nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo WII. But since the WII and DS are not supported by nintendo anymore, i guess only the 3DS is left

I accidentally forgot Steam, and other (being 3DS)

How can we stream the game with mobile recorder on Android?

Pc dekstop is the way to go, all in one gaming,school and youtube in one lol with stickarena included.