Update on Stick RPG 3?

I remember playing the original when it was first released and wasn’t disappointed in the slightest. Years later I find that the sequel had been released and I had no idea; I didn’t think it would turn to anything more than a flashgame. When I got on the sequel I was amazed by the amount of detail put into everything including many references to the original, and immediately bought the Director’s Cut. I would play this game for hours on end and never get tired of it, which is why I have come back to play it once again. After so many years passing from the release of no.2 I was surprised they hadn’t already made a 3rd and capitalized on one of their biggest (and most successful) franchises. Also, The last thread I’ve seen relating to any sort of development progress was March of 2018 if I’m not mistaken so I felt as if it were a good time to refresh the subject and get some sort of progress report if possible. Thanks!


Unfortunately, I don’t think SRPG3 is on the calendar at this point in time.


We will let you know if something changes.
Thank you for your post.