Unpopular Opinion: Cornering Does Not Belong

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Lmao nobody said you had to corner to play on hq. Stupid, lmao you can just rush the other player & if you die than its your fault. Stop crying about an aspect thats been in the game for over 11 years & learn to do it yourself. This is the most blasphemous post i have ever seen on this forum LMAO. Go play Pit or Brawlers burrow? Or simply go play in a game without experienced players. Like i said, You are NOT forced to play like everyone else. No one EVER said cornering is a rule in HQ games. Guys like Gappa have always aimed in FFA games on XGen HQ, so idk what logic this post serves lmaoo

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Also, your “I cant hit you, but you can hit me” logic is also dumb. If you know someone is behind a corner, why would you rush the angle anyway if you know you wont hit them. It just makes no sense.

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@Air All I can say is that your attitude and demeanor speaks volumes when compared to that of someone like Shadows.

“You don’t have to corner if you don’t want to” is true. If you want to get the floor wiped with yourself that is. Cornering forces other players into cornering as well; if you want to not get destroyed on HQ, or any map with ranged weapons, you must corner.

“Simply go play with inexperienced players” is an outright flawed argument. There is no pick and choose as to who joins a match, outside of private games.

If you see something wrong with the logic that if Player A has a direct line of fire to Player B, then Player B should also have a direct line of fire to Player A, then I simply don’t know what to say to convince you otherwise.

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Lmao uh its almost factual most players who corner play in HQ only. Hello?

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Let’s not get heated in here, alright guys?


How things have changed here, new layout and everything!

Cornering to me is vital. Everybody corners without even realising it at times. How do you anti-rush? Corner.
You can hit anyone from any corner regardless if you have a the ‘dis-advantage corner’ it’s just harder but timing is everything!

Cornering is somewhat of a stalemate. I guess if you go back a few years people aren’t really playing into someones game. You both cornered to hit one another, the person with the timings and the speed, won.

To me cornering is a skill and can make you a feared player when you’re fast and good at it, people don’t like to rush you! It doesn’t have to be ‘boring’, get a few hits in and then rush the player.


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Wassup legend @Swipez

I couldnt agree more with that, especially coming from a player who was literally acknowledged for having amazing corners (Arguably the best at it.) Thank you for that comment lmao

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It’s basically a bug that you can shoot someone but the other person can’t shoot you. There’s spots with pods where 2 ppl can stand at a corner but only 1 can hit the other person lol.

That’s not art that’s improper programming of a collision system and keeping it that way for no reason…

It also took xgen like 10 years to fix glitching into walls like twice every game.

Cornering is aight in theory but there should never be a situation where you can shoot someone but the other person can’t shoot you. It don’t make no sense.


I’ll chime in here I guess.

If you don’t corner, you pretty much die, it’s that simple. Cornering is the stepping stone of being a professional stick killer. To kill sticks, you need cover, otherwise those sticks will bop you. Unless you are blessed with the skills of bopping a stick 5/5, I’d probably hide on them corners until the stick you are trying to hunt is vulnerable, and then swoop in for the kill using your stick skills and your rushing skillabilities.


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Yeah I totally agree and that’s why I find Xgen HQ to be totally dry and boring. Usually the pros and I will be cornering, shooting at each other, and I just get f’n bored and let them have the kill. No skill really (inb4 personal attacks lol)

That’s why I like The Pit lol

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What kind of “pros” do you play against lolz

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True that’s why im playing only Pit aswell because camping into corners is so boring and i don’t want to play it anymore.

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It’s not like Pit is any better. It’s just everyone goes for the hammer and whoever has it is king…

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Meanwhile I’m a master swordsman

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Not really… You can have a hammer and easily get out maneuvered by someone with a bat or a sword.

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Really depends on who is doing the hammering.

(no that wasnt a pun)

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So, I just participated in the Blast n’ Dash tournament and played my first serious 1v1 in many years. It was in HQ, so of course cornering was the main way we played the match. Now, I imagine some 1v1s with cornering are indeed boring if both players stand in the exact same spot, but that wasn’t what happened here, or indeed in most 1v1s. Instead of standing in the same spot for the entire round, we both subtly move, fainting and hoping to get a shot in. Sometimes I landed the shot, but sometimes (more often in my case :wink: ) I not only missed, but my opponent got in a shot on me. The shots add up, and gradually the match plays out with kills. That is how 1v1 in SA has always been, it’s an art, and it sure is fun. Sure, it’s extremely fun to play a FFA out in the open, but it’s also fun to play artfully like this.

(P.S. Those were great games @Weird ! :smiley: )


Cornering Always Belongs. What am I to do, stand in the open and get hit? Or use a cover to my advantage when I can? It is just part of the game and will always belong, no matter what you say.

If you do not want the corners, then might as well remove all walls. No wall, just blank map, wow how fun… or just do hammers all day.

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Cornering belongs, I see your point but my opinion is that it stays “broken” rather than “fixed”.