Twitter, Facebook and XGen's Social Media Accounts

Hey Guys!

Just wandering if any of you follow us on twitter or Facebook! We try to get information out through these two social mediums but sometimes I wonder if our awesome discourse crew misses our posts?!

Especially todays post! We’re really excited for the final day of the competitive season and hope you guys are as well!!!


I’m following your guys’ Twitter :stuck_out_tongue:!

Here are some quick hyperlinks to both the Twitter and Facebook:


Let’s join XGen on Social Media! :sunglasses:


This is how the stats ended however we will be checking accounts for fairness and ensuring no rules were broken to have placed.


Can you add a seperate leaderboard and put everyone’s kills back on it? I don’t really care for the seasons

I was under the impression (after speaking with a mod) that this was done already, even though the prize distribution was virtually automated.

There are certain circumstances that need to allow some players to have multiple accounts under the same IP on the leaderboard, such as brothers or sisters in the same household playing the game. This can also easily be bypassed if we enforced it.

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Check it out guys! Hot XGen news!!

Did you know that Fishy was one of XGen’s first ever video games? With the original art illustrated by Skye himself way back when… And as of today, we’re excited to say its also now available on iOS.

Fishy was a flash classic and XGen’s most popular undersea adventure game. The objective still remains the same to become the biggest fish in the pond. Eat or be eaten! But feels way more fun with the touch pad control mechanism. We hope you enjoy the memories and nostalgia from playing this old classic flash game.

-Kaelyn & the XGen Studios Team


Bringing this game to iOS devices was a great idea, I always enjoyed playing the original. Would be cool if there was an Android version too.


Honestly, I’ve never heard about you guys but I just read some of your posts and they are amazing.