TW3 . . sabotage?

(lucio) #1

I’m really sad. . . it is more than a week ago that TerritoryWar3 does not work. . after more than 7 years of perfect functioning, now in 2018 there are still problems from the beginning of the year. It is impossible to log in. . . What is going on? . . is someone trying to sabotage the game? It is not true that we are few who continue to play this game. . some evenings the main lobby of the game is full of players but with all these problems it is normal that many users say goodbye to the best game on the web. Please. . please . . fix it

(Schall) #2

Hm, this is the first I’m hearing of this.


(Kaelyn) #3

The game should be working fine unsure what your specific issue is?


Well i have problem wit log in as well. For just a half a year ago it worked fine but now i doesnt. My TW3 account is ,x,(10 commas before and after the letter x) and i cant log in now. Maybe its because the username is too long?

(Kaelyn) #5

Please send your username & email address connected to your account. We will then look into this issue for you. Thanks

(lucio) #6

ok now finally the game works. Nobody could play since last May 29th. I waited patiently for someone to intervene, then I decided to write in this forum talking about the problem of logging in.
I wonder about the future if there is an automatic system to detect this type of problems or if I have to talk every time here, in the forum.
Thank you.

(Schall) #7

In the future, If you ever come across another issue, feel free to shoot a message to one of the moderators or admins explaining what’s going on. It should be taken care of in a reasonable amount of time.


(Nicholas) #9