Tri-colored spinners

Just starting a conversation. Maybe someone can find a pattern out of all of this.

Primary - 005undefi

Secondary - 1e9-1e9-1

Primary - -40+e2-99

Secondary - undefined

Primary - -03-x8-74

Secondary - 050-UU-99

Primary - NAN-991E9

Secondary - -40+e5-10

Primary - 009-999FFF-FFF

Secondary - sub-89#3

More or less, this is how I’m creating these. I haven’t really seen any sort of pattern so I can’t really control the outcome of the colors. If anyone has any ideas how this could be working maybe we can figure something out.


This doesn’t make any sense


Try leaving one color constant and focus on the other color. For instance, start by leaving the secondary color constant at e.g. undefined, and see what different combinations of primaries do. If you change both, it’s impossible to tell which change in each color does what.


I remember doing the same on a priv server, I think it only gives some random glitched spinner when the code is just not what its supposed to be, for example containing those weird letters. I didn’t figure it out neither, but in the “NAN-991E9” code you posted, it kinda looks like NAN is equal to 255 red and then -99 makes red 001, but green value is still -99 (So it gives dark red outer spinner) and then the 1E9 (blue value) part is the namecolor… I’m probably reaching hard doe.

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I started a spreadsheet some time ago doing this and they were still kind of inconsistent- changing 1 character changed the entire color.

I feel like I saw it somewhere, but it was for someone else I think. I cleaned out all the spinners I had in my notes and I don’t think I saw it anywhere.

I’ll try to play around with this some more later.


Weird, I remember winning it in one playday


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It might depend on the which character you changed. Changing the fourth character in the sequence, for instance, would have a more noticeable effect than changing the third character (with the assumption that this is still a 9-character RGB sequence)


Man, you really shoulda kept your notes. :pleading_face:


It doesn’t make sense for a color to have an outcome when you provide a letter.
How is that even possible in RGB?
I think you’ve corrupted the color so much that it starts doing this.
Is the color converted in a specific way? My only guess to why the name has another color then the actual spinner is because the conversion is either corrupt, or the conversion of the name is handled in a different way then the color conversion of the spinner which would result in this.

I don’t have anywhere to go on other then the screenshot you provided.

My assumption as to what is happening here:

If i take your first picture here i can try to “guess / decode” why the spinner shows up as a “tri-colored” spinner.:


The primary color = 005undefi

The name sees this color as (not exactly but about this color) 105 / 0 / 0 (or 5 / -99 / -99 in SA since RGB is calculated -100 in SA somehow, I think everyone knew that)

The color sees the 005 part of 005undefi as an actual number, but i think it defaults the rest to -99 since well. Letters :stuck_out_tongue:

The primary color is grey ish in the spinner since that defaults the rest to 0 instead of -99 which is the only explaination i can give you as to why the spinner is tri-colored.

The secondary color is a bit tricky and i still didn’t figure this one out.

Somehow the color is converted to something like 40 / 175 / 175 (in RGB) (Would be around -60 / 75 / 75)

How that secondary color is converted, i have no clue. But if you put in letters only, you should end up with 3 same values (about 175 / 175 / 175 in RGB)

I’ve only achieved this knowledge with this post, if i had more info about the color conversion i could’ve done a LOT more!

Example spinner

With this knowledge, i could let you create a spinner and guess the outcome? (might not be correct)

Primary - 100AAAAAA
Secondary - 100AAAAAA

A could be other letters, you might need to experiment with this one.

This should result in something like:

Primary | 0 / -99 / -99 (name ingame) ( RGB code would be 100 / 0 / 0)
Primary | 0 / 0 / 0 (Spinner color)
Secondary | 0 / 175 / 175 (not sure about the first value 0)

Hope this helps out! This took me a long time to do.


Perhaps the color codes on this website could help us figure this out. These were from the time of the Old SA, where there was only one color for the username and both rings. But back then the name color could have been different from the spinner color. I remember Schall tested some of these 2 years ago, and some of them worked as advertised, but others showed up differently…


I see at least one on that list in that link that’s telling you to put spaces in the code, which I haven’t done one like that yet, along with seversl with less than 9 characters

With those codes back in the day, do you get the option to choose both primary and secondary when you enter in the code, or do you just put the one in and it makes it the primary and secondary? I can make the primary and secondary completely different. Maybe the combined is messing with it. I asked Jordan about it a while back and he said it was some kind of exploit and that he didn’t really have an answer to why it does this.

I have a few more tests people want me to try, so I’ll try to get to those soon. I’ve been kind of busy with work again lately.


Maybe I was unclear here. “both rings” means outer and inner color of the old skool spinner, aka the only spinner in the old SA. There was no secondary color back then, just username color and spinner color (which were always the same unless you entered one of those special codes on the site). Indeed, if you look at the site, there is only one line for the spinner code. This is because “secondary colors” did not exist then. Maybe try entering the same code for both primary and secondary and see what happens. And treat it like a standard RGB code with 9 characters where the first 3 characters control the red value, second three control green, and final three control blue.