Tournament Poll (Boxhead Bounty Hunter)

(Wolf) #1

Hey guys,

We need your feedback concerning an upcoming tournament that we will be hosting for you guys. Would you rather have a 1v1 tournament or a 2v2 tournament? Or maybe you have other ideas you can share with us? Once again, your input is valued so don’t be shy and make sure to vote. Final details will be posted shortly after we have come to a decision.



  • 1v1 tournament
  • 2v2 tournament

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(James) #3

I would like both tournaments in one.


2v2s, because they’re quicker to do, more fun, more people can play and it’s easier to organise.

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #5

2v2 but only if the pairs are decided randomly. Otherwise, you know what happens. Also, why is 3v3 not an option?


Could the winners get an award other than XCash? Something like a prize spinner SA are doing, so for BBH an exclusive new suit for the winners? :c

Kinda bored of XCash

(Wolf) #7

@Reventon That might be quite difficult to organize for this tournament, but I might consider it for future events.

@SHIFT I don’t think we have enough active players that would participate to organize a 3v3 tournament.

(Schall) #8

@Reventon The XCash is readily available to be given out with a touch of a button (literally). Anything else for BBH will be extra work on XGen.

(James) #13

(Shane) #14