Today we bring you a snazzy new XGen homepage!

Today we bring you a snazzy new XGen Studios homepage showcasing the best of the XGen’s Game that keep you guys coming back! We hope you guys like the new look of and are able to find your favorite games even easier now.

Additionally, its time for the Steam Awards. We would be very grateful if you enjoyed playing The Low Road, you would consider nominating it for a Steam Award

If you haven’t had a chance to check out The Low Road then now’s the perfect time. The Low Road and all of XGen’s games are 65% off for the Steam Autumn Sale

Lastly, we would like to wish our American friends a Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you enjoy spending time with friends, family and playing your favorite video games.

-Kaelyn & the XGen Team


I really like that you guys put “XGen’s Favorite YouTubers” on the home page along with the links to those videos they put up. The homepage looks sleek.


XGen Homepage is so amazing 10/10

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This design layout is absolutely stunning. The fact that new users can now click on the XGen games that are in rotation on the Homepage and get more information about them on an enhanced stylish new page is just simply phenomenal. It brings life to the website because its so user-friendly.

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Design is looking great, good job guys!

I’m glad you used my screenshots for the BBH section, always happy to help. It’s looking awesome.