To better myself

(Fade) #1

So, I decided that it would be in my best interest to hang up the discord/xgen stuff for a while, not because of you guys, but because I need to improve myself personally outside of the community. You guys have always been fun to talk to, but I have things that require more attention. Freshman year of college kind of punched me in the face, and i realized this isn’t going to be some easy cakewalk. I started college about a month ago and it has lived up to the fun/hard work spectrum people say it is. You can reply if you want, I’m probably not going to read this until much later. Years maybe, i don’t know. Anyway, I evaluated certain aspects of my life and decided that, although the xgen community has been very good to me, I need to depart to better myself. I’ll miss the conversations we’d discuss and laugh about. Growing up kinda sucks, not gonna lie.
It’s been real, xgen, catch you later.


(Mint) #2


(Schall) #3

It’s ok, we’ll still be here. I will be anyways…

Do stop by when you can.

(Shane) #4

Peace Fade, fun conversations we had in the discord man… and on vc… I knew you were going to leave lol, eh… going to miss you until if/when you do come back. Study hard in those chairs you showed us, lmaoo. But I hope you get your grades up, as high as you can so you can achieve your goals in your life. Engineering is a tough major man… So I don’t judge you for making this decision.

Thanks for all the laughs.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #7

Wow zfade you came back? damn I got bad timing lol

The best memory is when i promoted you to owner in my chat and to this day i am glad i did because that was a start of a good friendship.

Good luck in life man hope one day you come back and we can catch up bro.

(retry) #8

don’t cry

don’t go