This or That game!

(Shane) #195

Weird, because thats what I love about you <3

Ms. MooMoo or Goobie

(Shane) #197

:wink:Shinful, but only if you’re with meh.

Your face turning red when I make you giggle, or Your face when you’re smiling.

(Shane) #199


Stick arena hammer or BBH plasma cannon


SA Hammer<3

Americans or Russians?

(Lexus.) #208


Joseph Stalin or Nikita Khrushchev?


Stalin was a traitor and killed 29 millions russians with his sickening ideology. So ill go with Nikita

Capitalism or Socialism?

(Shane) #210

Capitalism, #WallSt

Little dot or Big dot



Bruce lee or Jackie chan?


Bruce lee

Dinosaurs or Prehistoric animals

(Shane) #215

Right, which is what you always are

Ploofie or Goobie



Housewife or hoe

(Shane) #217

Housewife, cause that’s what my bby is.

Fan or A/C


Fan, the bigger the better,

Fish or hunt



Pizza or Subs?

(Shane) #221

Ice cream,

Eminence’s little Xgen dot or Getting thrown outta the community

(Shane) #224

Sounds like only a toad would do that,

Abusing you or Avoiding you

(Shane) #226

Damn, I can’t relate to either of those, cause you chose the realest N…stick to date.

Perma’ing someone for no reason or Getting all your accounts banned

(Shane) #228

Messed up sleeping schedule, cause you’re always talking and showing me stuff till 6 am…

Ferrari or Lambo

(Shane) #230

Maserati, not fair choices, you toad.

Super Strength or Super Speed

(Lexus.) #231

Super Speed.

Horror movie or Science fiction movie?