This or That game!

(Shane) #349

Find a cure to cancer cause ■■■■ cancer,

Sushi or Delsin

(Hell's Dragon) #350


Whiskey or Vodka


Ive only tried vodka, so vodka

Being a celebrity or being an average person


Being an average person so I can live a peaceful life without everyone chasing me and asking me for something every single minute.

Live in the country side or live in the city


The suburbs would be the best, but in this case i would say city life

Black ops 4 or Battlefield 5

(Shane) #354

bo4 I want to play their “Blackout”

CSGO or Stick Arena


Stick Arena, I’ve been playing this game since 2006 so it has a spot in me.

Watch the anime or read the manga of a series.

(Shane) #356

Read manga, I only read one and that was a pokemon one.

YugiOh or Dragonball Z


Dragonball Z, barely even watched YugiOh. Plus, I’m hyped for the DBS movie.

One Piece or Naruto

(Shane) #358

Naruto, I feel like anime is an acquired taste, I remember a person once showed me Attack on Titan and I thought it was badass, But I haven’t watched any other anime besides that, (if you include pokemon as anime lel)

Linkin Park or Fort Minor


Linkin Park

Stalin or Hitler



Close-quarters combat or long range combat


Long range combat

This or that

(Chicken) #362

This, cause it just sounds better to me.
The subtile “i” followed by the snaky sound of the “s”…
I love it

Cats or dogs


A dog is a man’s best friend

Live in a hot climate or live in a cold climate

(Chicken) #364

Hot climate, I can’t stand the cold. It’s too cold for me.

Spiders or ants

(Shane) #365

Spiders, they crawl in your ears when you sleep.

Pen or Pencils


Pencils, it’s easier to erase the mistakes than to waste ink to cover it up.

Keyboard or controller


Controller, i feel way more relaxed and it feels good

Activision or EA

(Lexus.) #368


Holiday in Grecce or holiday in Turkey?