This or That game!



Vegetables or fruits



Red or Orange



Blueberries or Strawberries



Fanta or Cola



Chicken or Turkey



Windows or Mac


Windows, mac feels boring

Living in a small town with lots of crowded people and a limit of resources or living in a big city with almost no people, just you completely alone and your endless supplies.


Big City

Lose an arm or lose a leg


Lose an arm

Never have intimate relations or never be able to travel outside your city/town/farm

(Shane) #318

Never have intimate relations, cause I’m Holy.

Travel to Europe or Visit landmarks in the US

(Hell's Dragon AKA Unholy Torture Machine) #319

Visiting landmarks in the US, because I’m living in Europe…

Anime or Crime film?


Crime film.
I never liked anime…

Being the best painter ever
Being the best writer ever

(Shane) #321

Attack on titan is epic tho…


Chicken or Pork :0


Chicken OFC. But pork is a solid third on the list of my favourite meat.

Barack or Michelle Obama

(Shane) #323


Being Random or Being Predictable


Random, cos that’s how i am

Always having to be honest about your emotions
Sometimes having to lie about how you rlly feel because otherwise you get judged too much by the peepsies around you

(Shane) #325

Sometimes having to lie about your emotions but as time goes by, and you have no one, I start to realize that idc who knows how I feel, cry, laugh, w.e

Non reloadable Plasma cannon or Faster shoes


Faster shoes = quicker in the middle of the coobes = money galore

Hammer or Glock

(Shane) #327

Glock, cause Hammer for noobs ;),

Gaming PC or Console Gaming


Gaming PC, because you don’t have to always buy a newer console to play the newest games.

Do sports or watch sports