This or That game!

(ℳʀ. Ƭσαd) #239

Both, cause you taught me how to be fat.

Making me Wait or giving me what I want Right away

(Schall) #240

Making you wait. You know how I am.

Homemade pizza or restaurant pizza

(Lexus.) #241

Homemade pizza.

Michael Buble or Michael Bolton?

(ℳs. Ƭσαd) #242

Well since no one is replying… I have no idea who either of them are but I’ll go with Michael Buble cause I like his last name. :3 (no offense)

Small dogs or big dogs? :smiley:

(ℳʀ. Ƭσαd) #243

Small dogs,

I love you or I love you

(ℳs. Ƭσαd) #244

Omg… This is soo hard why you make it so difficult!! <.< Guess I’ll have to go with… I l-love y-you : O

Ice Cream Cone or Snow Cone?

(ℳʀ. Ƭσαd) #245

I love Ice cream, but I love you more.

Guys with black hair Guys with purple hair

(ℳs. Ƭσαd) #246

Well I don’t like ponies so I’ll go with guys with black hair ; )

Brunettes or Blondes?

(ℳʀ. Ƭσαd) #247

Brunettes, cause my girl’s hair is sexy as f.

Coffee or 5 hour energies

(Hell's Dragon) #249


Escape or Surrender


its like get away or get killed/hurt. I may be mistaken on which situation u mean but ill say escape.

Cod multiplayer or zombies

(ℳs. Ƭσαd) #251


Paper or Plastic?

(Lexus.) #252


Jason Statham or John Travolta?

(Hell's Dragon) #253

Jason Statham

Sylvester Stallone of Arnold Schwarzenegger? (probably the most difficult question so far…)


Idk, Arnold maybe

Thai or European women

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #255

euro, I prefer my whymen without masculine genitals

donald trump or sandwich

(ℳs. Ƭσαd) #257

Sandwich :3

Coca Cola or Pepsi?

(Schall) #258

Coca Colalalalalala

Pineapples or grapes

(ℳʀ. Ƭσαd) #259


Panna cotta or Gelato

(ℳs. Ƭσαd) #260

Gelato, don’t even.

Frappuccino or Macchiato?