Thinking of making a remastered version of "Stick RPG"

Hello! I am thinking of remaking “Stick RPG” in a modern engine using my drawing style and making more polished animations(Maybe even some new content). I was wondering if XGEN STUDIOS have any problem with me doing this. It will absolutely not be monetized, I am just doing it cause I loved the game when I was smaller and after making many games I finally have the capabilities to remake one of my favorite flash games. Currently I don’t have much to show (I started the map and made the player and most of his animations), but I will upload a photo of the character. Also if you guys have any suggestions, feel free to tell me :smile:!


Looks great! I am definitely interested in seeing this in the future. Good luck!

Is this supposed to be a continuation or just a remade version of the 1st/2nd game? May I know what tools you are using to make this as I am trying to get into web game development.

Haha thank you! This is just going to be a remade version of the 1st game with most likely some bonus content (maybe couch co-op fights like the pub ones). I am currently using Godot, but I have gone through many game engines. Godot is by far the easiest to use. I also recommend Unity but prefer Godot

I have heard of Godot so maybe I’ll give it a try. Thanks for responding!

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I wouldn’t be surprised if Xgen did not have a problem, after all, they are an indie studio. However, they don’t appear to be very active on the forums nowadays. So, just in case, I would recommend you contact them here instead: XGen Studios - Online Games - Contact I don’t know if this still works, but you might have a better chance contacting them there instead. But I am very interested in how this turns out and I wish you good luck on this!

Ok I will send an email! Thank you! Also I started making the map so here is a sneak-peak of it (There is almost nothing done but you can at least see my drawing style and maybe think about how the game will look)!

Update on the map! Made 3 more buildings!

to be honest with you, i actually dont like the blue stickman’s style, looks weird

Well I can easily change the color. Maybe I should just add some lines instead of the different shades(Like the lines on the lit sides of the buildings) or maybe just a solid color? What do you suggest

This community is truly special lmao

Yeah lol. By the way I haven’t done anything new because I am getting ready for some exams so until May 7th I probably won’t be doing anything else than preparing for the exams

Hey dude, your project seems really cool! I know SRPG2 may technically be the better game, but I always did prefer the first one. I wish you the best of luck! If you still haven’t heard from the XGen staff, try poking them on Twitter. They seem surprisingly respondent there judging by their tweets

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I think XGEN studios would not have any problem with you making a remastered version of the “Stick RPG” game.

I think it will be great if you can make a new version of Stick RPG, but do not use any code from the original game. Use only the original assets (graphics, music) and write your code from scratch.