The Revival of Territory War 3

Yo what’s up everybody it’s ya boy. I’m pretty new to this game but I’ve been playing it a lot and it’s pretty fun tbh. Unfortunately, the scene is pretty dead and I was hoping to revive it in order to get better and help others get better too, but also just to have fun. To help with this, I have created an official/unofficial discord! Feel free to invite your friends and family and lets get this game going again.


Edit: For those who are uninformed, discord is a VoIP application (similar to Teamspeak, Skype, etc) used to text and voice chat (as well as video if you really want to) with friends, and it’s free to download or you can use the web client and it’s extremely popular. For more information, visit their official website



I joined your server.

I’m on board with trying to get this game back on it’s feet a little. The mod team has talked about the game before and we held a map contest a while back, which can be found somewhere on the forums.

The game uses XCash, just like Boxhead does. Maybe we can get something going!


the invite link is out of date . . then new invite link is