The Low Road Wins Best Character Design

We are so excited to announce that The Low Road won Best Character Design at the Game Design Awards in Dundee UK!

When we set out to create this point and click adventure we knew that the characters would play a huge role in the players’ engagement with the narrative. Their personalities came together through a combination of so many skills: the digitally painted figures, witty dialogue, stellar voice acting, and the quirky way in which they moved!

Thank you so much to everyone that has played, shared, reviewed, and streamed The Low Road! You’re the best!

  • The XGen Team

Congratulations guys!

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Congrats to the xGen Team!

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Thanks you guys!

What were the prizes for winning? Just curious, congratulations XGen

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nisu my xgen dudes

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Congratulations to you and the team scot! In my opinion the prize is well deserved!

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I think for this, and most indie prizes, the prize is just the recognition—which is great!


Well done!

I just downloaded it not too long ago, can’t wait to try it out later (:slight_smile:

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We actually got a sweet trophy… it was coming from UK to Canada so took a while but was a really great surprise…