The Comprehensive Weapons Data Chart

The lack of certain readily available data regarding weapon mechanics in Stick Arena always bugged me. So for the past several days I have been digging through the SWF file and analyzing frame-by-frame footage for hours (definitely over 24 hours total) on end to bring you this chart:

It details hits-to-kill, potential kill times, attack intervals, weapon runspeeds, weapons walkspeeds (you can walk in this game if you didn’t know), hitbox displays, and various hitbox data. But most importantly, it looks good! I’d hate for a valuable single source of relevant data like this to just eventually be lost within the forums, so perhaps the mods could add the chart to the uniform resource thread, or make an entirely new pinned thread of just the chart. If not, I suggest you save the image, or bookmark this thread, if you want to hold on to this information.

I was actually unable to find any values in the SWF referring to movespeed, but that’s actually alright because I don’t think those values would have meant anything to anyone anyways; so instead I created my own correlational measurement system for speed, using units of measurements that we’re all familiar with (percents and tiles). Every 3% movespeed is equal to an extra 0.1 tile traveled per second. This system and the movespeed values are as accurate as possible I assure you; I tested every weapon over the same metric several times, analyzed it frame-by-frame several times, and averaged out the runspeeds and walkspeeds.

Interesting things to note:
-The Bat’s very interesting hitbox allows you to hit a considerable distance directly behind yourself.
-The Chaingun has the fastest potential kill time of any ranged weapon. It also has a huge blind spot for melee weapons due to its hitbox placement.
-The Chainsaw has the fastest potential kill time of any melee weapon besides the Sledgehammer.
-The Katana and Lightsaber share the same hitbox, but the Lightsaber has a slightly longer range, and the Katana allows you to hit a small distance behind yourself, both due to hitbox placement.
-The Flamethrower’s actual range is quite deceptive compared to its particles.
-The Sledgehammer and Chainsaw share the same hitbox.

-The Shotgun is displayed as not vertically aligned like the other hitboxes, and this is actually accurate. The chart assumes that all the stick figures are standing on the same vertical line before firing. The game draws the hitbox of a weapon on the first frame of firing, and it just so happens that on the Shotgun’s first frame of firing, the player model is shown knocked backwards considerably (a little less than 1 whole head). So compared to a non-firing position, it’s as if the hitbox is drawn directly in front of your head, not at the end of the barrel:

Finally, a special thanks to Codfish, for creating a private Ballistick server so I could gather testing footage of the Ballistick weapons to analyze. You’re a cool dude.


Nice work. The data’s interesting to look at and should help new players that aren’t familiar with weapon damage.


Great job! So, that’s where codfish has been hiding lately.

Can I use and post this data on other sites?

By all means! Just please don’t remove my name from the bottom. It’s all I have!

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awesome, I like math


Not sure if you made this from scratch, but if you did, very impressive.


I did indeed; and thank you!

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