Territory War 3 username reset MarkGonzalez<

Hello there XGEN staff I am looking to re-register my account MarkGonzalez< for territory war 3 please I want to start playing again but I need the account username available to re-register on the game please help me thank you.

Also looking to re-register on the forum using this username and as my in-game MMOCHA username as well.

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We’ve been here before

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I would like the stats reset and I would like to re-register this account username on territory war 3 and on the forums please.


This appears to be your forum account. You should be able to just log into it.

Also please stop making new forum accounts. This is at least the 4th one you’ve made. Just log into one account and use that.

As for your ingame account, to the best of my knowledge we’ve never done what you have requested, so I highly doubt we’ll do it in this case.


I want to be able to play on the username MarkGonzalez < I need a new account made with BRO API if someone can please help me. Also I can not seem to log into the forum account username MarkGonzalez< could I please have the username available to re-register on the forum and on territory war 3 please.

I’ll get back with you when I’m on my desktop. Mobile makes things quite a bit more complicated.


@Schallmeister ok I am back home as well are you available now on your desktop?

@Schallmeister I just need username MarkGonzalez < available to re-register here on the XGEN forum, as well as access to re-register the username MarkGonzalez< on Territory War 3 with fresh stats.

Meet us in private message.

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