Territory War 3 - Tournament Royale

Man, how long has it been since this game has had any recognition?
Counting this thread, there has only been 9 topics threads relating to this, and some are just repeating old threads.

I think it’s time that we do something about it. Have, a tournament perhaps?
I remember reading in the Boxhead Bounty Hunter Season 6 thread that someone had popped the suggestion, of a tournament! Schallmeister replied that it was a future possibility… That was 10 months ago.

So, I am proposing a tournament for the people that still care about the game!
And while I might be a Boxhead, I’m the only Boxhead I know that plays both TW3 and BBH, CONSISTENTLY.
Maybe we could integrate other players from SA and BBH? And, it wouldn’t even be like it’d stealing because

  1. It’s made by the same company.
  2. We could have integration from TW3 players to both BBH and SA respectively, to increase activity in all 3 communities (as all 3 need it, especially TW3), and
  3. Out of the 3 games IMO, TW3 is the most organized and sophisticated. The game STILL has a lot of potential since the year of it’s release, and I’m never giving up on it like how I’ll never give up on BBH.

We should try giving this game a chance, especially coming from a Boxhead player like myself as I play each game every single day for at least an hour (And yes some of you do not trust my info on BBH as “Viable” or “Trustworthy” but trust me.)

TW3 has actual damage variation, unlike SA where every single attack is predetermined.
This brings in a new wave of competition, specifically for competitive players: Skill.
With attacks doing different %'s of damage, also comes aiming. This game puts Skill above anything, the ranks are literally designed around who has beaten more players and the higher their skill rank, the more points you get.

Sorry, if I’ve gone on a rant. But, tournament anyone? Something to revive this lovely community!
Thanks for listening, and I’ll wait to read your replies.

~ SenatorKingsly, your fellow Boxhead.

I’m down to participate in this. I’ll even help run it if needed.

I think the first thing to do is make sure whoever still plays TW3 knows about the forums so they can get on here and show their support. Then we can go from there.


Thank you so much Thanos :))


I logged into TWO 3 for a couple days just to scope out the activity and play some games. (I found out I am hot garbage at TWO 3.) There’s definitely still at least 10 different players that get on, and many of them are really good at the game with hundreds of games played.

However, it might not be so easy to get people to come onto the Forums and see this Tournament thread. I think we should get some current Forums users who are interested in TWO 3 together, and set the tournament to some date in the future. We can then tell people on the game that there’s a tournament coming up on that date, and to show up if they want to be a part of it (and then to go on the forums to find out more about it).

And then, we have to figure out how the Tournament will work. What mode we will use (Standard, Blitz, Base Capture, Bounty Hunter), which map, and how many players (1-6)? Also, I think Best 2 out of 3 matches for each round would be ideal.

Anyway, please post down below if you are interested in TWO 3. It actually has a really fascinating metagame to learn that combines both strategy (build, defense vs. offense) and skill (especially aiming projectiles).


sign me up. I was always bad but it was still fun to play. (particularly base capture).


Standard + Base Capture

Player Count:
Preliminaries - 6 (Base Capture)
Semi Finals - 5 (Standard)
Finals - 4 (Standard)

-----Best 2 out of 3-----