Territory War 3 CPU option play please!

I find it hard to play with other real people sometimes and i’ll wait for awhile just to get someone around my skill level. I enjoyed the Territory War classic and how you could play CPU, but the only problem was that the CPU’s would most likely shoot at the ground lol. But I went on to the next game, Territory War online, but it was on online or offline, no CPU improvements, not even any CPU.Then I went to 3 and the same thing, I was really bummed. Also I would like to purchase XCash but I only have a card, no Paypal since they raised the age to be able to have an account and I’m 16, I believe you have to be 18. Yet I have a debt card now and even a car XD. So please, if you guys could fix and add bots(CPU) in this TW3 game and put the card option towards payments, that would truly improve your games and site.

I think this would be something Afro-Ninja would have do. I don’t think XGen can do anything about the game.

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I can certainly say that the game itself will not be modified in any way unless Afro Ninja does so.

XGen has stopped development of Flash Games, as many other publishers have.

In terms of payment options, I’m not sure if this is something that XGen could - or would - change.

Edit: Regarding payment options: XGen uses PayPal as a gateway to process credit card transactions. While your only option is to check out using PayPal, after clicking the option to do so you can simply opt to enter a credit/debit card number. Creating a PayPal account is optional.