Team, Kick, Kill Game

Hello everyone,

Here is a fun game that we can all play that revolves around Stick Arena.

The way you play this game is to choose three random players and the next person chooses which one they would “Team” with, “Kick” out of the game, or “Kill” in-game.

Example (3 players):

Magic, realNicholas, and Gravities

What would you do to them?

I’d team with Magic, kick realNicholas, and then kill Gravities

Ic3, Ava, and Sne

Team with Ice, kill Sne, kick Ava.
,Ana Andre1 and Agent

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I would team with ,ana, kick Agent and KILL andre1.

StickAreCool Schallmeister Cole

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team with cole kick stick and most definitely 100% kill schall

time to list like the only other 3 sa players i know

Dual, EFK. Krux

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I would team with Dual, kill efk and kick krux.

deadshot.x, thedaniel13., thepug

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I’d team with Thedaniel13, kill pug pug and kick deadshot.(x)

,.glitcher.xd., Rex, Kristine

I’d team with Kristine, kick Rex, and kill ,.glitcher.xd.,

Boldur, Ash, Raise

I’d team with Boldur, kick Ash, and kill Raise.

Declave, Eminence, and 333609543


Team with declave, kick Eminence, kill that whole bunch of numbers

Mousy, Justdie17, Drunkenglock

Team with Justdie17, kill Mousy and kick Drunkenglock.

Bananenschalen, Yax, Miley62

Team with Bananenschalen, kick yax, kill miley62

Algari, Snowdrift, Diffname.Resurrected

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Team with Snowy, kill Protector, kick Algari

Krzychu1800, Michal2, Ford

Team with krzychu1800, kick ford, kill michal2

weed, lizbona, wipey


Team with Weed, Kick Lizbona, Kill Wipey

Voose, StickytheSlasher, Mousy

Team with STS, kick Voose, Kill Mousy

Chirp, Skye, KillDev1l

Team with Skye, Kick Chirp, Kill KillDev1l

Muddy, Putin, Apple512881

Team with Himon, kill Muddy and kick Putin.

Iamkip, Zas222, Hmk

Team with Henri, kick Kip, kill Zas222

Rhodon, Norberto, Oneshotoff


Team with Oneshotoff, Kick Rhodon, Kill Norberto

Commandercapone, Canasian, Magic