Swapping In-Game Username Inquiry

I have been a veteran player on Stick Arena Ballistic for about 10 years now roughly? (Ik I made this account before 2011 or 2012 though. Wasn’t my first account though. I’ve heard of Stick Arena since late 2005.) Just returned recently and by another chance I had re-looked at how in-game name changing happens since I’ve known that has happened to Miami56 on a rare occasion and maybe one or two more but I’ve forgotten their in-game names since it’s been too long lol.

So what I know right now for the guidelines if anyone wanted to change their in-game name is,

"You must have at least one of following to be able to get your name changed:

  • Having a comma in your username
  • Having a period in your username
  • Having an underscore in your username
  • Have 16+ characters in your username"

I meet the underscore requirement currently for changing my name.

Now, the catch is, the name I wanted to take (Lucario) is currently taken and I had found a quote for the guidelines for taken names to be reset from my understanding is,

“If the username you are trying to change to is taken, it may be reset and granted to you, ONLY if: It has been inactive for 2 years, has no verified email, and has never had a labpass).”

As far as I know of, the last time I think I may have seen this player was 2010, I also never ever seen them with Labpass and I’m unsure about email being verified but I believe that this guy’s account was a mule account for RP so I’m assuming they didn’t have a email verified onto their account either.

Therefore I would like to ask if any moderator or admin can directly check and confirm if the taken name can be reset and applied onto my current in-game account or not. Thanks in advance.


I can confirm the name is in use and is unable to be reset. If you would like a taken username you must meet the requirements to claim it as your own as manual resets are something we normally don’t do! Thank you.

Ouch. Okay. Alright, thanks for the confirmation anyhow Carlos. Maybe they went active again at some point after when I last seen them online. You can lock this thread now.