Suggestions to make BBH more fun to play

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #1

The title is self-explaining.

My suggestion: Making different map wanted games. It’s pretty damn boring to play the same two maps all over again just because you can get the most bounty in them. The only reason wanteds made only hedge and shady games in the past was because you could play other maps whenever you wanted, and hedge maze was the wanted game bounty fest. But nowadays you can enjoy full or near-full games only at a certain time of the day and not nearly every day.

(Luca) #2

I agree, regardless of how “fast” getting bounties is, all the maps should be viable (except for Bastille, that map is unacceptable and I think we can all agree on that). Also, I know we just got Temple but I don’t mind another map being made (that’s also made for bp collecting)

(Chicken) #3

A good first step might be to include more of these maps during Future playdays.
Ppl always do all they can when they can get xcash.

(Chicken) #4

I also think, bbh should get a leaderboard across all seasons (just as SA does).

(Grim Reaper) #5

Greater and more unique maps would be a good start. There should also be better suit choices that players would just love to wear into a game, Also maybe bigger and better xcash prizes for people to earn.

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #6

I didn’t even know there was a leaderboard like that.

Updates to the game are not going to happen. Don’t suggest impossibilities.

What is required to be able to play games at different maps is that there needs to be a group of people that’s willing to do that. Right now I’m usually the only person in the lobby who’s making a game in a different map but nobody else is willing to join. Which is why there needs to be a group of maybe 5+ people who join the game, thus making it tempting enough for the newgen faggots who only join a game when it has “enough” people because they’re low-intelligence subhumans who don’t understand that there needs to be people who join the game before there are 11+ players in it in order to get to that 10 players in the first place.

(Grim Reaper) #7

Agreed, newgens of course don’t know the status quo of BBH.

(Chicken) #8

I’m in, because we need more games on woods or shady, instead of sad making templegames…

(Grim Reaper) #9

If only players were encouraged to play more during the day, its like ppl only stay on like 5+ hours and then thats it

(Jiren The Gray) #10

Make the cars drivable gosh

(Ajay) #11

Use mouse to aim like a normal shooting game

(Grim Reaper) #12

Jump into that car with some buddies and start shooting out the windows. I wonder how fast the cars would be though.