Subnautica - Fully Released!

Here’s the trailer for it:

I had a thread about this game on the old forums, but they’ve recently fully released the game. I’ll probably post more screenshots as I play through the game again. The noises the creatures make in the game are quite amazing:

Here some that I’ve taken on the new game I’ve started:

More to come!


Steam it on Twitch – I would watch it -shrugs- :ok_hand:

There are several lifepods that were launched right before the Aurora crashed. You get to visit (what is left of) them.

The game goes through day and night cycles: this is what part of the world looks like at night (with a flashlight).

In a cave with glowing plants.

The Aurora then blows up.

Every life pod has abandoned PDA’s which each give you a piece of the story.

Sunrise. You can see another moon in the clouds.

The lightning from the sun underwater, along with a Reefback.

Earth’s moon, then (I’m guessing) this planet’s moon.

11 meters below the surface looking down.

Just showing the vastness of the area around you.

A couple of Reefbacks right below the surface of the water.

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Ima buy this now. You better play it toad… Dude makes a thread and then says he didnt play it since it was released. Fite chu.

But hopefully it’s spooky.