Story of stick arena lab pass incident

so when i was playing sa dimensions someone said “there is a free lp event at fine line island”

i got into the server and back to 2d

i said “y did i not get my lp?”

then someone else said “relogin”

i did that and got my lp

next day…

my lp is GONE
then my acc wiigaming1 got suspended

i checked targex and it showed BANNED

not only mine was suspended, but others got suspended too

also, if you dont know what’s a suspension its a perma ban for main acc and 1 day prevention for creating accs

a “account creating prevention” perma bans ALL accs u created until the duration expires

if your acc got suspended, message me or dm me on disc wii#8818

also, do NOT ban me again, xgen staff

this was an incident that people required to PAY or get suspended in europe

im not sure if non-europans got suspended too?

i hope xgen staff unsuspends my account wiigaming1

this incident happened in 2016

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I’m not sure about the story you gave, but the ban reason on your account has an attached image with it:

This was 2018.


this is not me, someone is attempting to impersonate me but my real discord is wii#8818

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This is the dumbest thread I’ve read since this forum was created. Thanks for the laugh lmao :joy:


no problem xd