"Sticks in Love" [Tournament] 2/17 (Completed)

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sign up /supercoolfire

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(Ava & Ic3) - 1st Place: Choice of 3 Spinners, 3,000 cred and 5 Labpass Days
(Sin & Ash) - 2nd Place: Choice of last 2 remaining spinners 2000 cred and 4 Labpass Days
(Lizbona & O3) - 3rd Place: Last Spinner remaining, 1500 cred and 3 Labpass Days

You have been privately messaged to collect your winnings – please respond.

Everyone elseThank you for making this one of the best Tournaments in the New Era of Stick Arena. Everyone gave it their best effort and tried super hard. Thank you to everyone who showed up – including all the Old players that swung by to check things out. (We had over 30 people in-game in one server and over 50 people in the Discord at one point during the Tournament!)

There will be another event Shortly – Keep an Eye out for that!

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