Stick RPG Download if Adobe Flash Debugger doesn't work

So I haven’t played this game in years but recently came back to it. I have the Adobe Flash Player on both a Linux and Windows device but if I try the .swf file for Stick RPG 2 then I will get an error leading to the link of XGen Studios stick RPG site which also doesn’t work. There is a link to the Internet Archive site which will load using Ruffle but that didn’t seem to load for me so I clicked on show files and it had the list of files including Stick RPG 2 Director’s Cut.

I would post the link to the .exe (I am assuming it’s safe as it is by XGen Studios) but I’m not sure if that’s allowed as it is listed on Steam for $20. If it is allowed then I will send the direct link to the internet archive site to download the files.

So my question is, am I allowed to post the link to a site where you can get a $20 game for free?

A few of XGen’s games are available on the archives using ruffle. But Stick RPG 2 will load using the Flash Projector with the proper link.

I’ve already tried using the Adobe Flash Projector on my Windows and Linux devices yet that has not worked. I have got the following error from loading Stick RPG 2 using the projector:

I made this thread for people getting this error so I found a download directory from XGen Studios but the download of Stick RPG 2 is the Director’s Cut version so I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to distribute that link.

It’s rare to get any reply from XGen’s staff on this forum.

But, i was able to run Stick RPG 2 using the projector on Windows 10

If i leave out the “?valid=true” part i get the same error as you.

Sorry where do you put “?valid=true”?
Thanks for your response anyways but I managed to get the Director’s Cut version from XGen Studios.

Adobe Projector - Open Dialog Box (2022-04-12)