Stick Rpg 3?

i was wondering if stick rpg 3 will ever come out? stick rpg 1 and 2 was what first brought me into xgen studio games. i loved and enjoyed playing them ever so much. im actually currently doing a playthrough. i was wondering if stick rpg 3 would ever come? i know many other people really want stick rpg 3 just as much as i do. so i wanted to know is stick rpg 3 in development?


As much as i loved the stick RPG series myself, there is a low possibility that stick RPG 3 will be released.

As far as i know the devs are working on other projects at the time, and i don’t think they are planning to create stick RPG 3 yet.

If the devs are working on stick RPG 3, or if they have any plans regarding stick RPG 3 they will most likely let us know via the forums, their website or their twitter account.

Hope this helps you!


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Okay thanks. im sad a stick rpg 3 wont be coming soon, but hey atleast its still in the idea list