Stick RPG 3 Coming Soon?


I have played both stick rpg 1 and 2 and really enjoyed them, is it possible that you will be bringing a stick rpg 3?

(Kaelyn) #2

We’re glad you like the stick rpg series so much. We know a lot of players would love to see a stick rpg3 one day and it’s a possibility but we do not have anything currently in development.

-XGen team


Stick rpg was what hooked me into xgen and the sequel was so dope. I still do a playthrough 1-2 times a year. I would love to see a new stick rpg.

(,.x.school3r.x.,) #4

It was 7 years between SRPG1 and SRPG2. It’s now 8 years since SRPG2.

First thought: OMG WHERE HAS THE ■■■■■■■ TIME GONE!?!?!?*

Second thought: This means we’re DUE for SRPG3!! Right?? RIGHT!!?!?!?!?

*Seriously, man. I remember monitoring the SRPG2 web site for a new profession teaser to be released. And trying to be the first to post it to the forums. And always failing. :wink: But Jesus, I CANNOT believe that was 8 years ago!! :open_mouth:


I logged in specifically to respond to this. Srpg2 came out 8 years ago? My god what happened…

(Sebastian) #6

Stick RPG 3 would be nice, especially if it comes out on Steam :smiley:

(Lexus(17)) #7

I didn’t play too much Stick RPG1 or Stick RPG2, but i think it’s very good you were asking about Stick RPG3 :slight_smile:


If they gonna realese stick rpg 3 it better come in steam and consoles.

(not stickdude) #9

Check back in 10 years

(Shane) #10

I hope Stick RPG 3 is coming out, I see some people still play Stick RPG 2 on the discord (which is badass). Yeah, there could be improvements, but I would just focus on the aspiration of it all.

(bean) #11

yeah please it least finish or update stick rpg 2