Stick RPG 3 Coming Soon?

I have played both stick rpg 1 and 2 and really enjoyed them, is it possible that you will be bringing a stick rpg 3?


We’re glad you like the stick rpg series so much. We know a lot of players would love to see a stick rpg3 one day and it’s a possibility but we do not have anything currently in development.

-XGen team


Stick rpg was what hooked me into xgen and the sequel was so dope. I still do a playthrough 1-2 times a year. I would love to see a new stick rpg.


It was 7 years between SRPG1 and SRPG2. It’s now 8 years since SRPG2.

First thought: OMG WHERE HAS THE ■■■■■■■ TIME GONE!?!?!?*

Second thought: This means we’re DUE for SRPG3!! Right?? RIGHT!!?!?!?!?

*Seriously, man. I remember monitoring the SRPG2 web site for a new profession teaser to be released. And trying to be the first to post it to the forums. And always failing. :wink: But Jesus, I CANNOT believe that was 8 years ago!! :open_mouth:


I logged in specifically to respond to this. Srpg2 came out 8 years ago? My god what happened…


Stick RPG 3 would be nice, especially if it comes out on Steam :smiley:


I didn’t play too much Stick RPG1 or Stick RPG2, but i think it’s very good you were asking about Stick RPG3 :slight_smile:


If they gonna realese stick rpg 3 it better come in steam and consoles.


Check back in 10 years


I hope Stick RPG 3 is coming out, I see some people still play Stick RPG 2 on the discord (which is badass). Yeah, there could be improvements, but I would just focus on the aspiration of it all.


yeah please it least finish or update stick rpg 2


Developers of XGEN STUDIOS, if you happen to give progress to the development of Stick rpg 3, maybe for the next year or 2020 as they want haha, they could put it on sale in steam, since I come from communities that want to play the delivery and buy it for that platform, think about it :smile:

I also clarified that adding the method of payment for cash would be more profitable, for those who do not have cards :wink:

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Hello Kaelyn,

I would love to see Stick RPG 3 come out as well!


Hi, I’ve been a fan of Stick RPG 1&2 for a long time now and grew up with the games. I would die to see Stick RPG 3 come become a reality as its something I’ve been wishing since I beat the 2nd game, I know the game does have a ton of fans just like me who have grown up with the game and would love to see a Stick RPG 3!


We were never promised an srpg3…

I think Xgen should focus more on getting their games into vita and nintedo eshop libraries. Seems like flash looking games ended up being pretty popular on some game consoles. Even just ports of the old games would be well worthy.


I played and loved Stick RPG 1 & 2. But, are you going to create a Stick RPG 3? I would love to have another Stick RPG game to play :smiley:


man i like those two games, my favorite is Stick RPG COMPLETE (the first one) because i played it when i was 7 i think, but it was the DEMO version, “Stick RPG” and after that i played the full version, “Stick RPG COMPLETE”, even if it will never come out i got an idea for “Stick RPG 3”, it’s a 3D game (with the camera always behind the character)

Would also be nice to see the first 2 on mobile

Yea… ive been wanting one since like 1997, plse help me out man

I would love that.