Stick rpg 2 online login in problem

For some reasons, I can’t make a account in stick rpg 2.When I try to make one it says that limits have been exceeded. Can someone tell me how to fix this. I can’t save my character.

When I’m using an api to create accounts it tells me that same thing.

I just tried to replicate your problem, but it actually let me create an account and save.

The way I fixed the issue with the api was clearing my cache (history) for the last hour. If that doesn’t fix it, then you may need to try clearing it further back: just be aware that will also clear anything you have saved on other sites

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Perhaps using an incognito window in chrome or an inprivate window in edge depending on your browser will solve the issue.

I play Stick RPG 2 via steam and i haven’t had any issues whatsoever, That might also be a valid option to use :smiley: