Stick RPG 2 not saving. Please send help!


Hello, I was playing stick rpg 2 online and I created an account and saved my game. Then, when I logged in later my save files were gone! Can anyone help me with this?

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Are you playing online or in a pirated version of directors cut cuz if I remember right the pirated version doesn’t save or pi could have failed to save it due to recent ddos attacks all depends


I am playing on the online web version.

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Possibly API failure but idk

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@Scott Any ideas?

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May I get the account name


The account name is TomBMine, but I don’t see how that would help.

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The account was never made therefore you never saved


Oh wow! Thanks.

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Idk if the API was down and stick rpg 2 failed to create the account


Well I just tried to make that account again but it said “Username Not Available” is my previous account just broken or is something else wrong?

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If the account was made through stick rpg, you have no chance to check if it exists. The best thing you can do is tell us step by step how your saving process looks like. You could’ve done something wrong

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You could possibly ask the devs to check the database for you but there’s not much I can do for you after that maybe try and make an account on boxhead bounty Hunter or stick arena dimensions then try to sign in on stick rpg 2


Ok, I’ll try that.

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