Stick arena;

Does anybody play this game anymore? I haven’t played since about 2008 and I can’t log into any of my accounts anymore :expressionless: (Y3lloman) , y3ll0 , smoke.johnny) was wondering if anybody from the old days still played this game? It was fun but is it dead now?


People still play! If you can’t log into your old accounts, make a new one so you can login for now, then contact a moderator about your old accounts. Hope to see you around!


Here is a list of all the current moderators you could contact. I’m one too, but I know very little about SA, so other mods will probably be able to give you better assistance than me :slight_smile:


I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m still here. I can help you with whatever accounts you’re wanting back.


Are you sure? I just have two that I actually really want back, the accounts are “Y3lloman” and “y3ll0” when Ballistick came out I had two of my maps featured in there back in day when dinosaurs like me used to play this game… lol

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YYea The Game Looks Dead… I Remember Playing ECM Back In The Day. I Remember Killer.Jay Made That MXB Or Whatever For The Old Players Who Didn’t Like The Wide Screen ( Ballistick ) Or Some ■■■■.

The game’s not dead yet! Every Sunday at 4:30 PM EST, there is an event; either a playday where you can win prizes such as LP days, cred, and special colored spinners, or a tournament (1v1 or 2v2). And if you come on at the right time, there are FFA’s every day. I encourage you to give it a shot! :slight_smile: