Stick Arena Tournaments, by Thunder Family

The Stick Arena website and presumably all Flash Player requiring clients are set to be deactivated very soon. So sad, I know.

But fear not! That’s right, your favorite tournament organizer Red (with the help of Thunder Blood @Outlaw.Ryder.Lc) is going to make one more last run for the hell of it! Thunder Family will be hosting a few tournaments to round us out for the last couple weeks of Stick Arena, finishing on 12/31/2020.

If having a little fun with Stick Arena is something that sounds even remotely interesting, please join our Discord server! You do not want to miss out on what could be the last few tournaments of Stick Arena, EVER. All are welcomed!

While the main focus will be on standard 1v1 and 2v2, other game modes such as CTF will also be in the mix. There is something in this for everyone, so please come join!

I will be posting updates in the Discord Server. Everything you need to know about the tournaments will be announced in there. In this thread, I will only post tournament results and the next tournament.

So yeah, hope to see some new faces in Thunder Family! OH and one more thing, there will be prizes! Yes, tournament winners (FIRST PLACE ONLY) will be entered into a fun little raffle of small prizes. 'Tis the season of giving!


Our first tournament will be:

Wednesday, 12/16, at 9:30 PM ET

It will be a 1v1 Tournament. It will be hosted in 2-Dimensional Central.

First place will be entered into a raffle of small prizes.

Hope to see you there! Join the Thunder Family Discord server here:


Wednesday 1v1 12/16 Results:

What a spirited tournament this was! Congratulations to @Try (Pain) for taking home first place! He has now been entered into the winner’s circle and is guaranteed a prize from the raffle.

Review the results here:

Next Tournament: Friday, 12/18 @ 8:00 PM ET. 2v2!

Hope to see you then! For more information about the prize raffle and about the tournaments, join the Discord server:


Friday 2v2 12/18 Results:

Some great 2v2 action today as 6 teams battled it out for a spot in the Winner’s Circle! Team @Try and @Twisted emerged victorious, with Twisted joining the winner circle. Congratulations!

Review the results here:

Next Tournament: Sunday, 12/20 @ 6:00 PM ET. 1v1! (shortly after the Sunday playday)

Hope to see you then! I’d like to mention that EVERYONE who participates gets entered into the raffle for a chance at a prize. So come on down! Join Thunder Family for more information:


Sunday 1v1 12/20 Results:

Thanks to LC for filling in as host for me today. @Avarice ended the day on top and became our third person to enter the Winner Circle. Congratulations!

Review the results here:

Next Tournament: Tuesday, 12/22 @ 8:00 PM ET. 1v1 MELEE
Yes, a pitter’s bonanza! Let’s see who can hammer down the best!


Tuesday 1v1 MELEE 12/22 Results:

@Ice came away with the epic victory! Congratulations!

Review the results here:

Next Tournament: Wednesday, 12/23 @ 1:00 PM ET (6 PM UTC). 2v2, in Europe Amsterdam!


Wednesday 2v2 Europe 12/23 Results:

This one really went down to the last shot. Congratulations to @Lizbona and @Merk for pulling out a tight one and stepping into the Winner’s Circle!

Review the results here:

Next Tournament: Thursday, 12/24 @ 9:30 PM ET. 2v2, in 2-DC (or whichever NA-based server has the least lag…) See you there!


Thursday 2v2 12/24 Results:

I’m not surprised to announce that @Avarice and @Sin are the winners! Sneezes has joined the Winner Circle!

Review the results here:



What tournaments would you like to see in the last week of Stick Arena?

Please choose up to 3 of the choices in this Strawpoll:

The top 3 chosen will be done! The most chosen will be done on 12/31, the last day!

Be swift! I hope to have enough results by the end of Saturday 12/26 to make a determination.

Thanks for your help!

As of 12/26/20 at 6:03 PM ET:

Come vote! It’s close!


Thanks for the voting guys! It was really close overall! It looks like I will be hosting one tournament every day from Monday 12/28 to Thursday 12/31.

Here is some information about the prizes:
Quite a few people have asked me recently, and I now have more definitive answers! Here’s how it’s going down. There will be 2 prize pools: the Winner’s Circle and the Lottery Circle.

The Winner’s Circle will contain 1 Prize of $20 and 3 Prizes of $10, with the rest of the prizes being $5 for each of the remaining players. You get into the Winner’s Circle by winning a tournament (or by being the next in line if the winner is already in the Winner’s Circle).

The Lottery Circle will contain 1 Prize of $10, then $5 for the remaining players. There will be 10 Lottery Circle winners drawn from the total list of participants excluding the Winner’s Circle entrant(s). If you participate more than once, your name will appear on the list more than once!

You cannot appear more than once in the Prize Pools, meaning you cannot be eligible for more than one prize. Spread the love bay bay!

With regards to the prizes themselves, they will be paid out in one of the following 3 options of your choice:

  1. Amazon Gift Card
  2. PayPal
  3. Discord Nitro Classic or Discord Nitro

I will stream all the drawings for these raffles on (tentatively) Sunday, January 3rd 2021 (!) at around 2 PM ET, live to Discord in Thundo Hundo Voice Channel. Late Christmas Gifts, but better late than never!

RIGHT NOW: I AM IN 2-DC! Answer my questions or complete my challenges to get spots in the Holiday Raffle above!



12/28, Monday:
5:00 ET - 1v1 Melee Tournament (COMING RIGHT UP)
9:00 ET - 2v2 Tournament

12/29, Tuesday:
1:00 ET - Europe Tournament
9:00 ET - 1v1 Tournament

12/30, Wednesday:
9:00 ET - 2v2 CTF Tournament

12/31, Thursday:
Whatever the hell yall wanna do, I’m gonna be on all day just vibing on SA. Get on and let’s have fun. Paper Thin City role playing is on the table :wink:

In the words of the great Ensign7, STICK ON.


Monday 12/28 Results

1V1 MELEE: @Dragon2007 took home a hard fought victory with some great hammer skills! Congratulations on making the Winner Circle!

2v2: @Apple512881 picked up a Winner Circle ticket by being the runner-up with @Ice. @Avarice and @Try won the tournament and some additional stickman pride!

Up next on 12/29:

1:00 PM ET - 2v2 Euro

5:00 PM ET - ?? I will be on at 5:00 PM ET. If there are a lot of people on SA, I can run an event of their choosing!

9:30 PM ET - 1v1

3 more days of Browser Stick Arena! Enjoy it while it lasts!


Tuesday 12/29 Results

2v2 Europe: @Lizbona and @RS7 won the 2v2 Europe tournament. Rs7 joins the Winner Circle. Congratulations!

1v1: @Try took home 1st, and @Twisted took home 2nd. But since both of them are already in the Winner Circle, the new Winner Circle spot went to @Outlaw.Ryder.Lc holding down 3rd place!

Up next on Wednesday, 12/30:

5:00 PM ET - 1v1 Melee or casual fun challenges with Red, like maze runs or playday stuff

9:00/9:30 PM ET - 2v2 CTF. Please come!


Results from 12/30:
I’d like to give a big big shout-out to the 12 players who participated in the 3V3 CTF Tournament:

“The Mod Team”: @Ice @Apple512881 @E.A.Sports
“Team Pink”: @Try @Toxicity @Vvs
“Three Shades of Gray”: @Outlaw.Ryder.Lc @Agent_Kaze TheGoldenRatio
“The Green Machines”: @Twisted @Ash Grendal

Due to unfortunate circumstances, we could not finish the Finals. However in the first round, Team Pink defeated Three Shades of Gray, and The Green Machines defeated The Mod Team. Congratulations to Team PInk and The Green Machines! @Toxicity @Vvs @Ash Grendal joined the Winner’s Circle, and everyone else joined the Lottery Circle.

Yes, it has been a whirlwind of a week on Stick Arena, and unfortunately I think I am all tourney’d out. Overall I would love to thank everyone who participated and made all these tournaments possible! We had a record 11 tournaments in 2 weeks!

So what happens now?
All the remains to do is the THUNDER FAMILY HOLIDAY PRIZE RAFFLE!
Let’s take a look at our winners!

Winner’s Circle

Special Tier (Won at least twice)
Prize Pool: $30, $20, $10, $10
@Try aka Pain (12/16, 12/18, 12/28 winner, 12/29 1v1 runner-up, 12/30 CTF winner)
@twisted aka Twistedmetal (12/18, 12/29 1v1, 12/30 CTF winner)
@Avarice (12/20, 12/24, 12/28 winner)
@Lizbona (12/23 and 12/29 EU winner)

Regular Tier (Made the Winner’s Circle once)
Prize Pool: $10, the rest $5 guaranteed
@Ice (12/22 winner)
@merk (12/23 winner)
@Sin (12/24 winner)
@Ascend (12/28 Melee winner)
@Apple512881 (12/28 2v2 runner-up)
@rs7 (12/29 EU winner)
@Outlaw.Ryder.Lc (12/29 1v1 3rd)

CTF Guest Tier (Won one round in the 3v3 CTF Tournament)
$5 each guaranteed
@Toxicity (12/30 CTF Winner)
@Vvs (12/30 CTF Winner)
Ash (12/30 CTF Winner)
Grendal (12/30 CTF Winner)

Lottery Circle:
$5 to only 10 lucky winners from this pool! More participation means higher chance of winning.
Wipe - 5
Duo - 4
Xyw - 4
Hateme - 3
Uyt - 3
Emir - 3
Saturnism - 3
Ban9 - 2
Icyicicles - 2
Kitty - 2

This prize pool sums to $185! Sounds like a lot, but really with all the tournaments that we have had in this game, the amount of monetary prizes that we should have had through all the years should have been way more than $185. For me, it’s an honor that the community has given me this platform to have this fun and share some of the love. Also, shout-out to @rrr and @Outlaw.Ryder.Lc for helping me out!

The prize raffle will be drawn some time tomorrow, 12/31, in Thunder Family Discord Server. See above posts for the invite link.

Overall, this has been a lot of fun, and I think I am leaving Stick Arena on a great note. Thanks again everyone, and hope to see you guys around in other communities :smiley: !